10 Cool Dog Tricks To Teach Your Patterdale

Amy Green
6 min readJun 16, 2020

Dogs are naturally inquisitive, and Patterdale Terriers are one of the most intelligent breeds. They pick things up very quickly and seem to have no problems forming association. Teaching new tricks to your dog is not only good fun, but it is also great mental stimulation. Remember to keep training sessions short. Puppies learn best in 5 minute burst, whereas older dogs should be no longer than 10 minutes or you risk losing their concentration.

10 Cool Dog Tricks that are Easy for your Pooch to Learn!

For the following tricks, you will need a training clicker, rewards such as dogs treats or chicken and of course, your dog!


To start, hold a treat in a closed hand and let your dog investigate. As soon as his nose touches your fist, click and reward. Keep repeating this until your dog is doing the action every time you ask. Now introduce a cue word and continue to click and reward when your dog touches your fist. He should now understand, and you can get him to touch other objects by pointing and giving your cue word.


This is one of my favourite dog tricks. Begin with a treat between your thumb and fore finger and your dog in a standing position. Holding the treat in front of your dog’s face, move your hand to guide them in a circle. As soon as they are back facing you, click and reward. Remember, dogs are directional, so stick to either a left or right turn. Trying to teach both at once will just confuse your dog. Now he has the action, use the same hand as a guide, but give him the treats from your other hand. The hand you use to guide him round will now become a signal. Begin to move your hand further away from your dog’s face. He should still follow the action. If your dog is doing the spin every time successfully, you can introduce your cue word. Give the cue, then the hand signal and finally click and reward. It may take a little patience, but by the end, you will be able to give your cue word without a hand signal.

Roll Over

If your dog already knows the ‘down’ command, teaching this trick will be much easier. Start with your dog in a down position. With a treat, guide your hand slowly from his nose towards…



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