10 things you should know before you own a Patterdale Terrier

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Patterdale terriers are a lively breed, often misunderstood.They are an active and intelligent breed, and it’s important that you know these 10 things before you own a Patterdale.

#1 They come from the Lake District in England

Patterdales were bred in ‘Patterdale’ in the Lake District, Cumbria. Therefore expect a high energy dog who will need long walks and hikes.

#2 Recall doesn’t always mean recall!

Even when you train a patterdale with good recall, that doesn’t mean that they are always gonna come back! I would say that I have about 90% recall on my Patterdale, but that 10% risk is always there, and so we avoid letting him off near roads and places where there are a lot of distractions such as other animals, dogs or bikes.

#3 They have a Strong Prey Drive

They have a strong prey drive — not the best around small pets! So if you already have mice or guinea pigs a Patterdale could be a breed to avoid!

#4 Pet Patterdales shoudn’t have their Tails Docked

Pet Patterdale’s should not have their tails docked. Docking is only legal for working dogs who have it done up to five days old by a vetinary surgeon. If the tail is docked at a later date and/or by an unqualified veterinarian this is illegal docking.

#5 They were Bred for Hunting Underground

Patterdale’s were bred for hunting underground for foxes and badgers. If you have a pet patterdale you will need to be aware of avoiding areas where your dog could go into fox dens and badger sets and get lost underground.

#6 They are Prone to Separation Anxiety

Patterdales are prone to separation anxiety. A Patterdale is not for you if you are out of the house daily from 9–5. Only get a Patterdale if you or someone else can be at home with him or her most of the day. Ways of minimising separation anxiety could be building up the amount of time left slowly and combining this with the use of an entertaining food dispenser such as a licky mat or kong.

#7 They are very Intelligent

Patterdales are very intelligent, which means that they need a lot of mental stimulation. Consider training your patterdale on agility courses and using dog puzzles for their treats.

#8 They are not Aggressive provided that…

Are Patterdale’s aggressive? Patterdales are not aggressive provided that they have the right training ands mental/physical stimulation. They should also be socialised with humans and other dogs from a young age. A rescue patterdale will be more of a challenge than raising a puppy from scratch.

#9 The Patt Splat

Patterdales tend to stretch their back legs out when they lie down, known by breed owners as the ‘Patt Splat! No, your dog is not broken, it’s just a patterdale thing!

#10 They make Great Pets for the Right Family

Patterdales make wonderful family pets in an active family. If you have time to spend training your patterdale and going for long walks he will be the perfect addition to your family as they are very loving and loyal to their owners.

If you own a Patterdale here are some fantastic terrier toys that they will love!

Originally published at https://patterdaleterriers.co.uk on May 8, 2020.

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