3 Days in Tunisia — How should I spend it?

Amy Green
8 min readJan 3, 2023

OK, so you’ve only got 3 days to spend in Tunisia, right? It’s not a lot of time, and you need to be prepared to travel a lot if you want to cover some good ground! But actually, the country is quite small. It’s smaller than the UK in actual fact, and a lot of the desert areas are sparsely populated, as you can imagine. This means that you will be able to see some of the main sites in just 3 days.

When is the best time to visit Tunisia?

I recommend going in the shoulder seasons of May-June and end of September. In August the weather can be too hot and the beaches can be crowded with the UK tourists and their kids on school breaks. Consider whether you do a long weekend or weekdays — some main attractions can be closed on Mondays and so this will influence the days that you visit. Also consider that Friday-Saturday is the Tunisian weekend and some of the important sites can be closed at this time. For example, the Grand Mosque in Kairouan is often closed Saturday and Friday afternoon. This may prompt you to take a mid-week break in Tunisia rather than a weekend one. Also consider the timing of Ramadan.

What are the main sites to see in Tunisia in 3 days?

Even if you have just 3 days in Tunisia, it will be possible to see the following sites:

  • The Bardo Museum
  • Medina and Al-Zaytouna Mosque in Tunis
  • Cathedral of Saint Vincent de Paul in Tunis
  • Place du 14 Janvier · Kasbah Square · Place de L’Independance in Tunis
  • Roman ruins of Carthage
  • El Jem Roman Amphitheatre
  • The Grand Mosque of Kairouan
  • The Mosque, Tomb and Madrasa of Sidi Sahab

This is a lot to cover and so in order to comfortably fit in all of these sights then I would recommend hiring a private driver or joining some local day trips with a guide. Tunisia is well set up for tourists but be aware that there are some rip off taxi drivers, so it maybe better to book your tours and transfers in advance with reputable companies.

Is it worth visiting Tunisia for just 3 days?



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