5 Best Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Wigs and Props

5 Best Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Wigs and Props

Cosplay culture is perhaps one of the most passionate communities around. The joy of dressing up as your favorite character and mingling with other people who share the same love for a particular show or character can be quite the experience. We’re here today to bring to you the best Tokyo Ghoul cosplay wigs and costumes.

Tokyo Ghoul is one such anime character that over the years has cultivated a loyal following with dedicated fans and cosplayers. Now you too can make a splashing entry at your next local Tokyo Ghoul cosplay as your favorite character, with so many high-quality props from the show available. Before that, some background about the show.

What is Tokyo Ghoul?

At its core, Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy, horror, and supernatural thriller written by Sui Ishida. A thrilling experience to watch with superb writing and character development.

Animes have a demographic breakdown. The general demographics are Shonen, Shojo, Kodomo, Seinen, and Josei. Tokyo Ghoul is targeted towards the Seinen demographic.

Seinen translates to ‘youth,’ which is to say that this anime is meant to be watched by young adult men. However, given just how entertaining it is to watch, we wouldn’t be surprised if older people were into it as well.

Interesting Characters Complimented by a Gripping Story

Tokyo Ghoul’s setting sees ghouls living a secret life amongst humans. These human-like creatures sustain life by feasting on human flesh. Here’s the interesting part — the ghouls can survive by only eating human flesh.

They are constantly on the run and want to hide their true identity from the authorities for obvious reasons. The ghouls are made out to be significantly more physically capable than any human. They are faster, stronger, and have tougher skin in general.

The main plot follows Ken Kaneki, who finds himself in what will be a very memorable date. Rize Kamishiro, Ken’s date turns out to be a ghoul, and both find themselves in a deadly situation.

Ken wakes up in a hospital and finds out that his date did not make it. The only reason Ken came out alive was that he had some of Rize’s organs transplanted into him, turning him into a half-ghoul.

The story picks up from there. Managers of the ‘Anteiku’ coffee shop, who are ghouls themselves, teach Ken their ways. Thus, starts Ken’s internal struggle with his new life, and he fights between his two identities.

The story is as gripping and interesting as it sounds. The character progression is top-notch, and the writing is fantastic. So, it doesn’t come off as any surprise why the show has such a following and why so many cosplayers go all-out dressing up as their favorite characters from the show.

5 Best Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Props

Suzuya Uniform

Product Link: Click here

Juuzou Suzuya is portrayed as a special class ghoul investigator in the show. His personality is playful but has a dark twist. He can be quite violent when pushed to his limits. Just a few moments of screen time, and it is easy to see why this character is one of the more popular cosplaying choices.

Tokyo Ghoul Suzuya Cosplay

Fans of the character can pick up this comfortable Suzuya Cosplay outfit for not too much money. The fabric is a mix of cotton, elastic, and polyester. A versatile costume, something you can even wear during Halloweens and not just for Juuzou Suzuya cosplays.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Makes for a perfect costume for Halloweens and cosplays
  • Multiple sizes

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Weapon Necklace Set

Product Link: Click here

Your cosplay can’t be complete without the tools of the trade now, can it? If you are the type who pays attention to details, this Tokyo Ghoul weapon necklace set is a must for your cosplay collection.

Tokyo Ghoul weapons necklace set

Made from high-quality materials, you get 5 pieces of weapons, including a necklace from the show, which also happens to make a great gift for a fan of the show.


  • Durably built
  • Accurate rendition of the weapons

Ken Kaneki Wig (Black)

Product Link: Click here

The writers have made exceptional use of Ken’s hair to portray his internal struggle. The boy’s hair, which started originally as black, slowly turns white due to the stress and fear he experienced when he was being tortured.

Tokyo Ghoul Ken Kaneki Wig

If you are cosplaying Ken Kaneki, a Ken Kaneki wig is a must. Handmade from Kanekalon synthetic fibers, this heat resistant wig is sure to impress anyone.


  • Durable synthetic fiber hairs
  • Heat resistant

Ken Kaneki’s Mask

Product Link: Click here

As the story progresses and Ken starts to embrace his half-ghoul truth, Ken gets a mask made by Uta, a mask maker in the show with no face. This mask is tailored to Ken’s unique situation of being a one-eyed ghoul.

Ken Kaneki Mask

Thus, the Ken Kaneki mask has one eye covered with exposed teeth and gums with a zipper right down the middle. Made from PU leather, this mask should fit almost anyone.

It’s also adjustable thanks to its Velcro attaching system. Easy to put on and take off, this mask is a classic symbol from the show.


  • Accurate depiction of the original mask from the show
  • PU leather construction gives it a premium feel
  • Adjustable fit

Ken Kaneki Full Costume

Product Link: Click here

Bring out the inner ghoul in you with this full-body Ken Kaneki costume. The costume comes with all the elements — a bodysuit, mask, and even a silver wig. Unlike most cosplay costumes and props, we quite liked the quality of this one.

Ken Kaneki Costume

Made from high-quality PU leather, this costume is one of the more premium ones out there. Let’s face it, if you’re going to cosplay Ken Kaneki, you better go all out.


  • Durable PU Leather
  • Multiple sizes
  • Handmade

Enjoy your Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay!

Cosplaying and coming together to share the same love for a show is a great feeling of joy. It is so much more than just a mere dress-up. With these props, your next Tokyo Ghoul cosplays are sure to stand out from the rest.

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