5 Reasons to get a Dog

Amy Trumpeter
3 min readJul 15, 2020

There are so many reasons to get a dog! Being a dog owner changes your life in so many rewarding ways including keeping you fit and giving you companionship. Of course there are downside. Yes, it can be expensive and can be more difficult to travel (though not impossible!) I’m on my 4th dog now — one for every decade of my life — and in my opinion, the reasons to get a dog outweigh the reasons not to. Here are 5 reasons to get a dog

5 Reasons to get a Dog

#1 Health — A dog will keep you Physically Fit

Health was one of my top reasons to get a dog. There’s no excuse for not going out when those cute furry brown eyes are looking up at you. All dogs need to be exercised daily and if you get a very active breed such as a Patterdale terrier, you will need to walk twice daily and include some extended hikes in there too! It will keep you physically fit if you have a dog to walk. The steps on my Fitbit went from an average of about 3000 a day to around 8–10,000 a day when I got Blake!

#2 Companionship

There are times when you are stuck in the house on your own and need a friend — a furry friend can be the best type of companion! When you develop a bond with your dog, he (or she) will rarely want to leave your side. It’s unlimited and unconditional love, and it’s AMAZING! My dog stayed by my side most of the time when I had a major operation. My previous dog did the same thing when I was sick. When you have a dog, you’re never really on your own.

#3 They Lower Stress Levels

The simple act of stroking a dog has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels. Dogs can also help you to combat depression because they give you a reason to get up and ready and out of the house every day.

#4 They make Good Guard Dogs

Dogs will bark and let you know when there is someone at the door and are likely to go absolutely crazy if someone is trying to break in. When I got my house burgled, I asked the policeman if I should get an alarm or CCTV…

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