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The 1970s are known for a lot of things: disco, flowing hair for men and women, bell bottoms, billowing peasant blouses, and cultural shifts that would change the future. As a decade, its fashion, beauty, and cultural trends centered around the wild and free; less psychedelic than the 60s yet just as much fun. Grooving to the disco beats on any occasion is easy and fun with a stylish Seventies wig that will have everyone thinking “That’s SO 70s!” Today’s blog is all about the best 70s wigs.

Seventies hair is coming back into fashion for a number of reasons. You may be wanting to dazzle the world as a bell-bottomed beauty on Halloween, or perhaps you’re seeking to emulate breeze and stunning Farrah Fawcett hair to match the new bell-bottoms you discovered when shopping last week. You can also use a wig to change up your current hairstyle without having to dramatically cut, color, or alter your existing hair. Folks who wear their hair in protective styles might find an afro wig to be a great way to rock a natural hair look without undoing all the world and protection that’s gone into their current braids or locs. However you choose to rock the seventies look, these wigs will help get you on your way to becoming a true 70s diva.

Best 70s Wigs

For folks looking to emulate the smooth look of seventies icons like Sonny Bono, this wig and mustache set is the perfect start. The wig features a perfectly shaggy, layered brown hairstyle that flops artfully just as men would want in the seventies. The attached mustache completes the ensemble, and the set even features the iconic gold chain that complemented many seventies looks for men and women alike.

70s wigs

Farrah Fawcett — For You

Farah Fawcett was the quintessential seventies beauty and fashion icon for women across the world. Her breezy, feathered locks set the standard for hairdressers everywhere, and her light blonde locks drove many a girl to purchase at-home bleaching kits. Made of MatteSilk fiber, this wig is soft, thick, and realistic, meaning it’s easy to style and wash for reuse.

Disco Doll

Another staple of the seventies, disco dolls wore voluminously curled bangs on top of an otherwise sleek and smooth haircut. Auburn was a very fashionable color as well because of how it looked under disco lights, so many men and women began dying their hair as well to meet that fashion benchmark. Glossy, curly, and sleeker than ever, this was a must-have hairstyle for any girl who loved the discotheques of the seventies.

Long Long Locs

The seventies were one of the first times when raggedy and flowing locks became popular for men as well as women. A tradition that began in the sixties and flowed seamlessly into the seventies, stylish men began rocking long, greasy locks that made older men everywhere demand their sons “cut their hair.” Styled with a headband, a braid, or a simple ponytail, this wig is a great way to honor the rebellious tradition of long-haired men in the seventies.

70s wigs men

Shaggy Curly Afros

Along the line of rebellious hair traditions, men also began using the seventies to allow their curly hair to truly fly free. Matted curly afros that packed close to the head yet sprawled shaggily in all directions became very popular. Today they’re a staple of That Seventies’ Show fans but pay homage to any man looking to style up their seventies look.

shaggy curly wig

Compact Afro

For men and women with naturally textured hair, natural afro styles weren’t very popular until the Seventies. Then, everything began to change. Supported by growing civil rights movements and Black awareness campaigns, natural hairstyles began turning up everywhere, the most famous of which was certainly the afro. This afro wig sits well on top of protective hairstyles or wig caps, retaining a soft and bouncy appearance despite being synthetic and more cost-effective.

Afro wigs

Big, Bold, Beautiful Afro

The large and in-charge older sibling of the compact afro, this look was rocked by any man or woman who was unapologetically afraid to share their natural hair with the world. This wig is a feat of nature, featuring kinky yet perfectly coiled 14 inch long strands that wash and rewear with ease. It also features an ombre color effect that’s very on-trend, meaning you can introduce seventies-inspired and modern looks into your wardrobe with little to no effort.

Bonus Idea: Following Through with Fashion

While wearing a seventies wig certainly helps introduce seventies elements into your day, you can really seal the deal by pulling in fashion elements from the seventies to complete your transformation into a seventies icon. Bell-bottom jeans, gold jewelry, and tight shirts are one way to begin pulling through trends to complete your ensemble. Men will want to leave the top buttons on their shirts open to emulate the laid-back feel of the decade, while women can also introduce fun, bold colors and sleek silhouettes into their look to call back the days of disco dolls and colorful beauty.

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