Harman Kardon Speakers

Harman Kardon is a company that is renowned for its mid to high end audio equipment which often combines both unusual aesthetics with innovative features. Among the companies Bluetooth speaker range there are a couple of series that follow this tradition, namely the Aura Studio range, and the Onyx Studio range.

What are the Best Harman Kardon Speakers?

Aura Studio 3

On of the best Harman Kardon Speakers is the Aura Studio 3. This modern looking speaker is dome shaped with a transparent top to showcase its built-in ambient light effects. …

Beaphar dog toothpaste

If you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums, brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis is essential. Beaphar Dog Toothpaste helps keep breath fresh and teeth clean. It can also help remove tartar build up on the teeth to stop gum disease developing.

Can Hamsters eat Melon?

It’s tough to think of anything better on a hot summer day than sitting down to eat a few refreshing chunks of melon, it’s like sunshine in a snack! The sweet yet delicate goodness hidden inside this fruits’ shell is endlessly joyful. This delicious fruit also gives off an aroma that is almost as wonderful as its’ taste, a combination that has driven people wild for centuries. But we’re not the only ones that are partial to a bit of melon, in fact many pets absolutely love it too.

Can Hamsters eat Melon?

If you’re a hamster owner and you think the same way…

Long red wigs are a beautiful way of cosplaying characters such as poison ivy, but they also add some vibrancy to your everyday life. This article will show you some of the best long red wigs available on the market.

Long red wig for everyday wear

We all want to switch up our hair colour every now and again, and what better way than to choose a vibrant and bright stand out colour that will make you feel beautiful and natural.

Long red wig cosplay

As part of cosplay, long red wigs can depict a vast range of characters. …

What to put on a Lickimat

If you haven’t already got a lickimat for your dog, you simply have to get one! They are great for keeping your dog occupied during stressful situations such as during fireworks or when strange visitors arrive. If you haven’t already got one you might want to read my blog about the benefits of a lickimat for dogs. If you have one already, you are probably wondering what to put on a lickimat. You have come to the right place!

Today on my blog I’m sharing what Blake the Patterdale terrier loves to have on his licky mats. Some of his…

Can Hamsters eat Bananas

Can hamsters eat Bananas?

Bananas are one of the most popular natural foods, these yellow fruits are a delicious and healthy treat that are loved by people across the plant. But we’re not the only ones who love bananas, they’re enjoyed by many pets too.

Can my hamster eat Bananas?

If you’re a hamster owner, you may wonder can your little hammie eat these fruits? Well, the answer is yes! Whilst many treats that people love are not safe for hamsters to eat, banana is an example of a human food that is safe for your little fluff ball to enjoy.

Most hamsters absolutely love bananas, in fact if…

Best Computer Speakers under £100

There are hundreds of options available when considering which computer speakers to buy so it is important to evaluate your requirements before committing to any specific models. For example, you may have limited desk space so a compact option may have to suffice, or you may be interested in gaming which may require a surround sound set-up. If they are only to be used for music, then sound quality is important and depending on the type of music you like you may need a subwoofer. Do you intend to connect other devices to the speakers other than the computer? If…

Budget Smartwatches — What is the Best Smartwatch under £100?

Despite the low price point, there are plenty of smartwatches available in this price segment, mainly with offerings from relatively unknown firms although there are some from known brands. The units featured here will all track your fitness and provide notifications, although they will not be as feature rich as some of the higher priced options. Before deciding which is best for you, make a list of which features are essential, which are desirable, and which features you are not really concerned about. This will help narrow down the choices and provide more focus. All the models featured are able…

Long Blonde Wig

Long blonde wigs have long been a popular choice of wig and hairstyle, and for good reason. They’re versatile and glamorous looking and they come in countless different shades and styles. This article is going to showcase some of those styles to you today, and hopefully by the end you’ll be adding a new wig or two to your basket.

Wearing a blonde wig doesn’t have to be some sort of fashion statement, they can look as natural as possible for everyday wear, or you may be a cosplayer and in that case there are a range of characters who…

How Much Do Hamsters Cost?

Hamsters are fairly cheap in price, only costing around £5-£15. However, it is not the hamster that you should be worried about in terms of cost, the equipment and food needed for looking after a hamster properly, is what is going to cost you more.

The prices between hamster breeds don’t differ much either. Whether you want a Syrian hamster, a Chinese hamster, or a Dwarf hamster, the prices don’t vary much. However, sometimes if a particular breed is difficult to get in your country, then it may be more expensive.

To take care of hamsters are relatively cheap, needing…

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