Frontal Wig

Frontal wigs are becoming a popular choice due to their versatility and natural look as part of your hair. This article will look at some of the best available frontals on the market.

First of all, let’s look at what a frontal wig actually is. A frontal wig extends from ear to ear across the front section of your scalp, they are similar to closures, except that closures only cover the natural parting of your hairline. Frontals are a great option for those who like to style more adventurously as they are much more adaptable than closures.

Frontal hairpieces come…

Patterdale Terrier Kennel

You may be asking yourself why you need a kennel, well kennels may look uncomfortable to us, but for a dog they are a cosy den. Kennels work in hot or cold weather and they don’t need to live outside to own a kennel. Your dog will appreciate a cosy den outside where they can sit outside, cold or hot, when they want to.

How to find the right size of kennel

You will need to measure your dog in order to determine the right size of kennel for them. To get the length of the kennel, measure your dog from nose to tail and then add around…

Albino Hamsters: Are They Right for You?

When it comes to choosing a new hamster, you want to make sure you get the one that is absolutely perfect for you. After all, they are going to be your friend, living in your home, and depending on you for hopefully the next couple of years and so it is super important to get it right. With this in mind a lot of people stay clear of albino hamsters despite their gorgeous white coats, worried that they will be much more effort to look after or will have health problems that they won’t be able to handle.

The good…

BEBONCOOL Controllers

The Nintendo Switch is a massive hit but there has been one issue that has been plaguing owners of the popular console. The proprietary controllers, the Joycons, are prone to an issue called “joycon drift” where directions continue to register even after the sticks are returned to a neutral position. This can affect the sticks on either side.

Buying new Joycons is expensive and technical support from Nintendo’s side has been less than stellar despite acknowledging it as a widespread issue. …

Reasons to Move to Portugal

I totally adore living in Portugal. My original plan was to go to Spain to start my new life there, but the taxes and bureaucracy seemed hard to navigate even with two years of Spanish studies under my belt. At the last minute before BREXIT I decided to take the leap and make the move to Portugal. It was absolutely the best decision and looking back I feel that I would much prefer living here to Spain.

There are so many reasons why so many people are relocating to Portugal. Amongst the top include the weather and the healthy diet…

Can Hamsters Eat Walnuts?

We all love to spoil our pets (some of us a little too much!), and often that takes the form of tasty little treats to brighten up their day and vary up their diet. This is especially true for hamsters, where giving your furry little friend a snack like this can serve as a valuable bonding experience to help you feel closer to them, and them to you.

What you always want to know when giving them that extra treat though is whether they even can eat them safely, whether they are good for them, and whether they would even…

Hamster Aquarium

We all want the absolute best for our pets and if you own a hamster, that starts with getting them the finest home possible. There are a variety of different enclosures available, but most people decide upon either a wire cage with bars or a glass hamster aquarium style tank.

You’ve probably come across a wire cage before as they’re very common, but lesser known are the aquarium hamster cage, or to use their proper name — a hamster terrarium. These are usually made predominantly from glass, with wood/plastic fixtures and a lid.

Wire Cage vs Hamster Aquarium

There are benefits and drawbacks to each…

Portuguese Duolingo Review

If you are looking for a free (or cheap) and easy way to learn Portuguese I highly recommend Portuguese Duolingo. You can download this app for free onto your smartphone. The basic plan is free to use, but you can upgrade to PLUS if you would like certain benefits such as more lives and less ads.

Portuguese Duolingo lessons

Duolingo teaches you languages in a series of mini lessons on each topic such as food, animals and numbers. You work your way through the Duolingo Tree (series of lessons) until you reach the end of the tree. …

V-Moda Crossfade M100 Headset Review

Gaming headsets are a dime a dozen these days and they can all be summed up in the same way. Plastic builds, exaggerated bass, chunky looks and bloated prices. It’s like someone decided that gamers enjoy big pieces of plastic protruding from the sides of their heads while big booms blast in their ears. You can’t even take these things out and about because you’ll look like a literal space cadet.

If you’re reading all of this while nodding your head, you’re probably also wondering if there’s any hope for a solid headset for gaming that breaks this mould. And…

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