Airport Anxiety — Limit Stress for Travel Anxiety Sufferers!

So you love traveling, but suffer from airport anxiety? I can totally relate to that. Airport anxiety is actually a thing! I’m here to tell you that if there is one trigger for anxiety abroad, it’s the airport.

Here’s why airports are not good for anxiety sufferers and how you can limit airport stress and travel anxiety at airports.

What Triggers Travel Anxiety?

What Triggers Anxiety at Airports…

  • The Crowds — So many people all in one place can feel extremely stressful, especially at busy times when everyone is running past each other. Crowds can make you feel anxious and claustrophobic.
  • Security — Will I get through in time for my plane? Will they confiscate my make up? Will they make me take my shoes off? Airport security anxiety is very real!
  • Queues — Standing for long periods of time waiting can make you stressed and anxious.
  • Duty-Free — Please, woman, get that perfume away from me! You have to walk through the busy shops even to get the gate, and there is no way around the perfume woman!
  • The Gate — Where is my boarding pass? Do I have enough time to get from security to the Gate? What if I miss my plane?!
  • Take off — Oh my God, will this thing even stay up there?!?!?
  • ID Check — Which pocket did I put my passport in? Which language will the passport ID guy speak? Have I even got the right visa?!?!
  • The Bag Carousel — Will my bag come out? Will my bag rip and display my undies for all to see on the carousel? Can I even grab my bag fast enough? And, what if I get the wrong one by mistake?!?!?!

How to relieve Airport Anxiety?

  • Prepare and Print all your Paperwork - This includes checking for visas, printing off a map of your final destination and writing down any phone numbers or email addresses that you will need in an emergency on arrival. Also, make sure that your smartphone has been charged to 100% and your boarding pass is printed if you have the opportunity to do online check-in.
  • Prepare your Toiletries - Pre-package your hand luggage toiletries in a clear zip-lock bag and make sure that they are all less than 100ml.
  • Fast-Track Security — If you are business class or registered disabled, you can go through the ‘fast-track’ security and miss the really busy crowds.
  • Priority Boarding — Pay extra for priority boarding to skip the queues — I did this recently with Ryanair. Sometimes if you do an online check in and let them allocate your seat, you get priority boarding automatically — so check the top right of your boarding pass, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Upgrade to First Class — If you are a first class or business class passenger, go to the business class check in desk, use the first class lounges and board first at your gate. You will also get more leg room and special treatment on board the aircraft. If you have high levels of airport anxiety, and can afford to upgrade, go for it!
  • Use the First Class Lounge — If you cannot afford to upgrade to a first class flight, you can at least pay extra to use the first class lounge. Avoid the lack of seating, screaming kids and long food queues by doing this. Get free WIFI, a relaxing and quiet atmosphere to wait for your gate to open and enjoy unlimited free food and drink! Worth the upgrade, particularly if you are working on the go. I use my Priority Pass and it has really helped my airport anxiety.

Do you suffer from travel anxiety? If you have any tips, please share them below.

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Originally published at on February 8, 2020.

Hi I’m Amy — travel blogger, dog lover, digital marketer. I write mainly about Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Getting into drones!

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