Amy Winehouse Wig

Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter from London, she is widely known for her incredible vocals and various genre abilities. Some of which include soul, jazz, and rhythm and blues. As well as being an incredible vocalist, Amy could also play drums and guitar.

Throughout her life Amy Winehouse created two studio albums — Frank (2003) and Back to Black (2006). However, two compilation albums were also released — Lioness: Hidden Treasures (2011) and Amy (2015), as well as a live album — Amy Winehouse at the BBC (2012).

Amy Winehouse started her career with the single ‘Stronger than Me’ in 2003 as part of her album Frank. The single won the Ivor Novello Award for ‘Best Contemporary Song’ in 2004. That same year Frank was nominated for the Brit Awards for ‘British Female Solo Artist’ and for ‘British Urban Act’, achieving platinum sales for her album that same year. She also performed at Glastonbury, was shortlisted for the 2004 Mercury Music Prize, and performed at V festival all in the same year. Her career started with a boom.

In 2006 one of Amy’s most well known songs was released as a single — ‘Rehab’. This was the first song released for Back to Black, soon after ‘You Know I’m No Good’, ‘Back to Black’, ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’, all of which receiving platinum sales, and ‘Love is a Losing Game’ which gained a silver BPI, were all released as singles. In 2007, Amy Winehouse performed a cover of The Zutons ‘Valerie’ for the BBC live lounge, soon releasing it with Mark Ronson and going double platinum.

Rehab Amy Winehouse Wig

Amy Winehouse wig

This wig features Amy’s iconic beehive in the style of her ‘Rehab’ music video. Giving you the option to replicate her ‘Rehab’ music video look.

In 2007 Back to Black was the best selling album of the year, selling 1.85 million copies. The album received much attention and many nominations and critical acclaim.

In 2008, Amy Winehouse received five Grammy Awards, taking home ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Performance’, ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’, and ‘Best New Artist’. Back to Black was also nominated for ‘Album of the Year’. The Grammy’s had Back to Black catapulting back to the number two spot on the US Billboard 200 after it initially peaked at number seven.

In 2015, a documentary called Amy was released, documenting the singer’s life and death. It covers Amy Winehouse’s life and her difficulty with substance abuse. The movie is a very touching, picking up on Amy’s amazing talent and personality. It starts with a 14-year-old Amy singing at her friend’s birthday party, and progresses through her success, troubling relationships, media issues, and addictions, until her death in 2011. The movie features many videos of Amy Winehouse speaking of her life in videos taken at home and in the studio, as well as interviews and concert footage. The film is essentially Winehouse’s life in her own words, you should watch this in order to truly understand the singer and her life.

Amy Winehouse Red Signature Flower Wig

Amy Winehouse wig red flower

If you are looking for a wig that already has some accessories, this one features a flower and some blonde highlights as part of the signature beehive look.

After a long fight against addiction, Amy Winehouse sadly passed away in her hometown of Camden on 23 July 2011. Amy was a mega talented artist who will go down in history, inspiring countless musicians and people for many years to come. Her legacy will remain always, who better to dress up as for Halloween than to pay tribute to an incredibly talented icon who was incredibly strong and released countless hits. Hits that we will be hearing for some time into the future.

Amy Winehouse Beehive Wig with Blonde Streak

Amy Winehouse wig

This wig (above) also contains the red flower and blonde streak, it looks slightly better quality than the wig above although it is down to personal preference.

Amy Winehouse had an iconic fashion sense, with her signature beehive, her winged eyeliner, skin tight short dresses, skirts, and even when wearing a vest and denim shorts. The beehive is definitely Amy Winehouse’s trademark look, something that is instantly recognisable and linked to Amy Winehouse, as well as the winged eyeliner. She often wore hoop earrings to compliment her look, although she was never big on accessories besides those in her hair, and normally a thick belt on top of a dress. In terms of makeup, dramatic winged liner and either red or nude lipstick was a frequent go to for Amy Winehouse, she also wore long fake nails in red a lot of the time. In terms of clothing, vintage dresses or pencil skirts worn with a belt were her go to, although she also frequently styled short shorts and polo shirts. Her style is easily replicated, but you do need the beehive if you are trying to dress as Amy herself. Here are some of the best Amy Winehouse wigs available on Amazon:

Again, this wig has the signature red flower and blonde streak. This one is probably more realistic looking than both of the wigs shown above, although if you want a big beehive then the other two are more bulky.

Amy Winehouse Wig with Signature Bandana

Amy Winehouse wig

This beehive wig features Amy’s signature bandana in her more tied up style. You can even style it up with Amy Winehouse style fake tattoos and a fake cigarette!

Amy Winehouse tattoos

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