Are Patterdale Terriers Good Pets?

Okay, so are Patterdale terriers good pets? It’s a question that I get asked all the time, and I always say yes — I am biased and love mine dearly!

Are Patterdale terriers Good Pets?

But the truth is that Patterdale terriers make excellent pets as long as they are with the right owner. Characteristics of Patterdale terriers include loyalty and affection towards their owner. This makes them an excellent companion dog. They can also be great with children. However, this is only if they get to the correct training and ample exercise.

What makes a Good Patterdale Terrier Owner?

If you want to have a Patterdale terrier as a pet, you first need to consider whether you have the time, money and dedication. A Patterdale terrier will need an active family. You will need to be willing to walk your dog twice daily every day and also go on extended walks on weekends and holidays. A Patterdale terrier can happily hike for two or three hours in Snowdonia or the Lake District. It is a high energy breed and if the dog is not exercised well there is the risk of his energy manifesting itself in many patterdale terrier behaviour problems such as destructive behaviours.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Patterdale Terriers

A Patterdale terrier is loyal and loving and therefore prone to separation anxiety. Therefore it is not ideal for Patterdale terrier owners to be out at work all day. Patterdales do well in a household where at least one family member works from home or there is a crossover between shifts so that there is always someone with the dog. Families are ideal because there are more people to bond with the dog and spend time with it. But a work from home couple who are active and enjoy the outdoors would be good for Patterdale terriers.

Of course there are times when you will need to leave your Patterdale alone and if your dog does not cope very well with this there are many strategies that you can implement to make it easier for him or her. Starting with small periods of time and then building it up is a good way to start.

If your dog does display separation anxiety behaviours such as howling and crying when you leave, there are many toys you can purchase to distract him. I like him at all a Kong toy full of meat or tasty treats like a frozen Pawsecco will keep your Patterdale terrier occupied while you are out. Of course always remember to check that he is okay to be left alone with certain toys for the first time it’s best to supervise.

Patterdales Thrive in Training Minded Households

Patterdale terriers need mental stimulation. So it’s a good idea for Patterdale terrier to go to a behaviour minded household. This doesn’t have to be someone who is an experienced dog trainer. Anyone can read and learn about training and mental stimulation for dogs. Sniffing games are excellent for Patterdale’s such as hiding treats and bits of food for them to sniff and find around the house or garden. There are some fantastic dog puzzles available on Amazon that your dog can learn to find treats from.

Keep them entertained by playing with them at home — patterdales love tug-o-war games and fetching or attacking plush rats and ducks!

Are Patterdale Terriers Good Pets? The Bottom Line!

Overall, provided that a Patterdale terrier is well socialised and exercised and he or she receives go to training from a firm handler, they can make excellent pets. If you put time into your Patterdale you will have a friend for life.

Originally published at on May 26, 2020.

Hi I’m Amy — travel blogger, dog lover, digital marketer. I write mainly about Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Getting into drones!

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