Bakers Dog Food

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Bakers dog food

The Purina owned Baker’s is a brand of dog treats and snacks, as well as dry and wet dog food. Bakers took its roots in 1851 as a family-run company out of Suffolk who was passionate about developing nutritious dog food in addition to having a taste enjoyed by most canines. With the support of the nutritional experts at Purina, Bakers was able to adjust their products, as well as the cooking and recipes, to a finely tuned formula, which it has continued to produce since, to this day operating out of Suffolk. I hope that you find our review of Bakers Dog food helpful.

Bakers offer a variety of products formulated for dogs of different ages, types, sizes, and health conditions. All meals are loaded with nutrients needed by dogs to stay healthy and alert. Bakers pride itself on producing dog food that is free of artificial coloring (a commitment to Purina’s customers on a company-wide level), using only natural mineral, plant, and animal sources for their products.

Let’s take a look at 5 different Baker’s products:

Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken and Vegetables (14kg)

This is a fantastic choice for a lively adult dog. The ingredients that compose this dry dog food are meat and animal derivatives, vegetable derivatives and protein extracts, heart and round kernels, dried vegetables, cereals, and chicken.

This type of dog food is suited for dogs weighing from 1–5 kgs (such as Chihuahuas and King Charles Spaniels) up to dogs between 45kg and 70kg (like the Great Dane and Bloodhound). The food does contain some bigger food chunks, so owners of really small dogs should be cautious about their little ones consuming these too rapidly.

Bakers Senior with Tasty Chicken & Vegetables & Wholegrain, 2.85kg

This recipe specifically tailored for more senior four-legged friends is loaded with a variety of whole grains, quality country vegetables, and rich in chicken, which is low in fat compared to the adult recipe. This Baker’s choice helps maintain an older dog’s vitality as it is loaded with all of the necessary nutrients to assure his or her health.

This dog food, like many other Baker brand choices, is loaded with antioxidants to support a strong…

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