Baskerville Muzzle Review — Best Dog Muzzle

Baskerville Muzzle Review

There are many reasons why you might need to get a muzzle for your dog. Muzzles are sometimes recommended by trainers whilst building the confidence of a nervous dog or socialising a dog who has a history of being aggressive. Muzzles are sometimes needed at the vets, groomers or when travelling with your dog abroad. They are often only needed for short periods of time, but it is a good idea to muzzle train your dog so that if it ever is necessary it is not stressful for your dog. The best muzzle that we can recommend is the baskerville muzzle.

Why we needed to try a Baskerville Muzzle

We started to muzzle train our Patterdale Terrier for several reasons. Firstly, he started to get a bit nippy with other dogs and was muzzled at doggy daycare! Secondly, we are considering travelling or moving abroad. Thirdly, we started to realise that there would be some exceptional circumstances such as the vet where he might need muzzling and if he was trained to take a muzzle it would minimise his stress.

Apparently at doggy daycare Blake started to get a bit nippy with other dogs when playing or if he did not want to play and another dog was pushing him to. At doggy daycare he got muzzled without us realising — this appeared to have been stressful for him.

We then decided to muzzle train him incase he ever needed to be temporarily muzzled in exceptional circumstances such as vets or socialisation training. Blake would only ever be wearing it in this situation temporarily for around 20 mins and only when absolutely necessary. If he was exposed to the muzzle with training he would happily except one in the future without any fuss or stress to him.

Regarding travel, we hope to take Blake to Europe and there are many countries in mainland Europe that require dogs to be muzzled in public such as Czech Republic. In Spain, he will need to wear it on public transport. There is a negative connotation with muzzles in the UK — people immediately jump to the conclusion that your dog is aggressive if wearing one. In reality, dogs wearing muzzles are often well trained with responsible owners and this is a common sight in many parts of Europe.

Which is the Best Muzzle?

When you ask dog trainers and vets what is the best muzzle to use, most will reply the Baskerville muzzle. Some muzzles such as the fabric ones hold a dogs mouth closed and do not allow them to eat, drink or pant. Use of these kinds of muzzles can be stressful for the dog and also can cause them to overheat quickly.

Advantages of the Baskerville Muzzle

The baskerville muzzle is a basket type muzzle that is the safest kind because it allows your dog to pant, eat and drink while he/she is wearing it. They are basket type muzzles but made with soft silicone and so they are comfortable for your dog. When your dog is wearing a Baskerville muzzle he or she will be able to pant, drink and eat comfortably. Saying that, it may not be the best type of muzzle if you need to stop your dog from eating everything in sight! But it is excellent for preventing nips and dogs often calm down and learn to socialise when wearing them. It also gives you peace of mind when children are around to avoid them getting nipped. Here are the benefits of the Vaskerville muzzle…

  • Allow eating, drinking and panting
  • Easy to put on
  • Made from silicone and comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • Protection from biting
  • Available in different sizes and can fit all breeds

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Different sizes of Baskerville Muzzles

Baskerville muzzles come in many different sizes. Size 2 is perfect for our Patterdale Terrier Blake. As a rough guide to the sizes….

  • Size 1 — Chihuahua, Mini Daschund, Toy Poodle
  • SIze 2 — Pattrdale Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier
  • Size 3 — Beagle, Border Collie, Schnauzer
  • Size 4 — Dalmation, Husky, Springer Spaniel
  • Size 5 — Boxer, Doberman, German Shepherd
  • Size 6 — Akita, Bull Mastiff, Great Dane

Overall the Baskerville muzzle is a safe and comfortable option for your dog. Have you used the Baskerville muzzle before? What do you think of it? I’d love to hear your comments below.

Hi I’m Amy — travel blogger, dog lover, digital marketer. I write mainly about Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Getting into drones!

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