Best Algarve Beaches

Welcome to today’s blog which is all about the best Algarve beaches. Some of my favourites include Meia Praia and Praia da Coelha.

Praia da Ilha Deserta

Ilha Deserta or Ilha da Barreta is a popular island near Faro that offers stunning beaches. The island is unspoiled and has a population of zero. Adding to the beaches natural appeal to those who seek a true desert island. The beach stretches around 7km and has white, soft sand and clearer water than any other beach listed near Faro. This beach is a true stunner and if you are going to the Faro area then I highly recommend this beach to you.

Praia da Coelha

This is a small beach just 2km outside Albufeira’s centre. It is known for its natural beauty, surrounded by cliffs and rock formations. It has hidden coves to explore and the large rock formations protect the beach from wind, keeping the water calm. The rocks also make it great for snorkelling, so if you are a keen snorkeler, this beach is a good choice that will showcase plenty of wildlife. The sand is extremely soft and if you’re a shell collector, then this is the beach for you. Praia da Coelha is known for its thousands of shells that lie along the shore. The beach can become quite crowded in the summer months, but it is still quieter than most.

Praia do Evaristo

This beach is the perfect option for snorkelers. The beach is unusual and known for its many rocks, thus making it overflow with sea life that you can explore and appreciate. There is a restaurant nearby on the beach that you can sit and enjoy your lunch before heading back to the beach. The rocks make the beach look beautiful and unique, it also gives plenty of places to explore both inside and outside the water. The sand is golden and soft, so if you like snorkelling then this is the perfect beach for you. If you are looking to swim without snorkelling, then this beach is not the best option for you due to the many rocks. The beach is also less crowded than most of the other beaches, making it great for those who prefer a more quiet beach day.

Praia de Manuel Lourenço

This beach has the perfect mixture of rocks for snorkelling and exploring, and swimming. The surrounding area is beautiful due to the vegetation that covers the beautiful rocks. The water is relatively calm due to the rocks and the sand is soft and golden. The beach is fairly small, but it is not one of the beaches that is frequently circulated by tourists so it is fairly quiet.

Praia do Camilo

Praia do Camilo is a beautiful beach that is Instagram worthy with its beautiful cove-like beach with golden sands. It is a small beach that offers a relaxing atmosphere and the perfect conditions for those who enjoy snorkelling. The rocky cove not only looks stunning and picture perfect, it makes the beach perfect for snorkelling enthusiasts while also making the water calm. To get down to this beach there is a long stairway up the cliff that features 200 steps, so the ascent is not for the faint of heart. However, the descent offers beautiful views that are bound to Make the walk a special one that ends in something even more beautiful. Although the beach is small, it can be extremely busy and so you should also make sure to arrive during low tide and get your towels set up near the back of the beach in order to avoid the changing tide. Watching the sunset at this beach is unmissable and something that is recommended to experience.

Praia do Pinhão

Praia do Pinhão is also a beautiful beach that sits in a cove. It is a hidden gem and is less packed than the famous cove of Praia do Camilo. Again, this beach is accessed by a steep staircase that is not for the faint of heart. The rocks of the cove make this beach great for snorkelling as well. As well as keeping it safe from wind and providing relatively calm waters. The cliffs even provide an area that can be used for cliff diving, as well as having some caves that you can explore. The beach is relatively untouched in terms of facilities, making it authentic and giving it a little bit more beauty due to its natural aesthetic. However, if you’re somebody who enjoys a parasol or a lounger, Praia do Pinhão is probably not the beach for you. The sand on the beach is also harsher than that of Praia do Camilo.

Praia da Balança

Praia da Balança is a small, shell-shaped cove that lies within a rocky headland. The access to this beach is slightly more difficult, but the bonus of this is that it keeps the bustle to a minimum. The best way to arrive on the beach is to take a kayak or a boat, other than that there is a narrow but dangerous trail down the cliff. It is a quiet beach with spectacular views that will provide great memories and photos. It is an unspoiled beach where you can take in the beauty of the natural world with the beautiful cliffs, the sandy beach, and the crystal clear water.

Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade is a group of rock formations including caves, grottoes, and sea arches that grace the coastline of Lagos. This is a popular spot for tourists to visit and take spectacular photos, but it is not a beach. It does not have sand or a place to lay back sunbathing. So if this is what you’re looking for, then Ponta da Piedade is not for you. However, if you’re looking for spectacular views then look no further. The cliffs of Ponta da Piedade are 20 metres high and made of limestone, they form many beautiful structures that are a sight to withhold. Some of the structures are famous for their unusual shapes, some are shaped like elephants and one is even shaped like a camel as well as many more. To reach the sea level of Ponta da Piedade, there is a stairway of 182 steps, not for the faint of heart, but well worth the views. You can actually go snorkelling in the crystal clear water, the rock formations make the area ideal for water species and will feel magical to all those who enjoy snorkelling. Kayaking in this area is also spectacular and will give you an experience that you will never forget.

Praia da Marinha

This beach is relatively close to Lagos and well worth a visit. The image of this beach is likely one that you have seen before. It has everything, sandy beaches, cliff-sides, beautiful rock formations, and crystal clear water for you to soak up the sun in or go snorkelling. There are long stairs down to the beach that are well worth the walk that take you to a magical golden beach surrounded by high cliffs. The beach features what is known as ‘the M rock’. It is a formation that is shaped like an M and is one of the reasons why the beach is so popular due to its unique beauty. The beach is relatively calm and doesn’t get too windy because of the high cliffs, the sand is also soft and makes for a beautiful experience. However, the beach can be busy during the summer months, but surprisingly not as busy as some of the other beaches in the area. This may be because the beach can only be reached by car and is further out than the other beaches.

Meia Praia

Meia Praia is one of the longest beaches in the Algarve, promising a quiet and relaxing beach visit due to the vast amount of space, stretching 4 to 5 km. the beach itself is also quite wide and has soft, golden sand which makes it comfortable for walking on. The beach is also prized for being incredibly clean, you can even see by looking at the beach that it is spotless. The downfall of Meia Praia is that if you are looking for somewhere to go snorkelling, then this isn’t your beach. It does not have many rocks and so sea-life is not as busy in this area. The lack of rocks also means that the beach can be quite windy, but this means that if you are looking for water sports, it’s the perfect beach.

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