Best Colleges to Visit Oxford — Oxford Colleges to visit as a Tourist

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I’ve spent a year living in Oxford (as a teacher) and also visited several times since I left as my Mom and my sister live there, and I am here today to help you to find out how to visit the best colleges in Oxford. There is no doubt that Oxford is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in England. Of course it is mostly famous for being home to one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the world. It attracts people from all over, many of them often ask me: What are the best colleges to visit in Oxford?

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Are the Oxford Colleges Open to the Public?

The great news is that most Oxford colleges are open to the public, although some are only open to guide tours that are pre-booked. Some colleges (such as All Souls) are free to get in while others you have to pay for. It is advisable that you visit this website for information on specific colleges and links to the individual college websites.

When should I visit the Oxford Colleges?

The best time of year to visit the colleges of Oxford is spring to early summer (April-June) or late summer (September) when it is less busy with tourists, but there are still students around to meet.

The academic year at Oxford University is divided into three terms: Michaelmas term from October to December. Hilary term from January to March. Trinity term from April to June. So don’t go to the Oxford colleges outside of these times if you are hoping to meet students. Also, some colleges are not open to the public on weekends and so if you are coming to Oxford for just two or three days then weekdays may be best.

The weather in the spring and early summer will also be mild to pleasant making it a good time to visit in practical terms. At this time of year the beautiful flowers of Oxford will be in full bloom, making it the time of year for…



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