Best Folding Drones — What is the best folding drone for 2020?

Drones are really popular these days and there is a huge variety of drones available in the market. No matter if you are just a drone enthusiast or a professional videographer, you can find a drone suitable for your needs. One of the most popular types of drones is the folding drone — folding drones are more compact in shape and size. They are also very portable and you can simply fold them and carry them around in your bags. There are hundreds of foldable drones available out there and it is not an easy decision to pick the right one. In this comprehensive guide, we will share the best folding drones in 2020. Let’s get started.

Best Folding Drones in 2020?

H6 Foldable RC Mini Drone

If you are someone who just wants to fly the drone for fun and looking for a cheaper option then H6 Foldable RC Mini Drone is a great option for you. It is only available for £20.99 and it is an ideal drone for the drone enthusiast. This drone comes with the Air Pressure sensor which allows the drone to set the highest automatically and it makes it easier for you to control the drone. Moreover, it also comes with the one-button 360-degree flip feature which makes it easier for your flip the drone with one button. It also allows you to take off and land the drone with a simple button.

The drone comes with 200 mAh Li-Po batteries which can provide up to 10 minutes of flying time which is very good. Also, you can charge the battery within 40–45 minutes. If you are a beginner or drones enthusiast then the Foldable RC Mini Drone is a great option for you.

RC Quadcopter by JoyGeek

If you are someone who is into videography and you want to polish your drone videography skills without spending tons of money then this RC Quadcopter drone by Joygeek can be a great option for you. It has the ability to capture the video in 640×480 resolution instead of advertised 720p resolution and it transmit video via Wifi. However, don’t expect some great details because it only comes with the 2-MP Wi-Fi FPV Camera. Also, you can connect the drone with the app which provides some additional options.

Overall, the build quality of the drone is okay and it also comes with the foldable design which makes it easier to carry it around for you. If you are new to the drone world and you want to test the drones and polish your skills then you can buy this drone as it is cheap and you can still learn a lot.

FPV Drone by OKPOW

If you are looking for a drone that can take great footage then you can try the FPV Drone by OKPOW. It has the capability to capture the FHD footage and it comes with advanced features such as advanced signal transmission technology which can transmit and allow you to control the drones from up to 300m distance. The drone also comes with features such as Trajectory flight, GPS Altitude Hold, Smart Follow, Headless Mode, 3D VR Mode, and One-key take-off and land.

You also get the GPS Satellite positioning which provides the accurate position of your drone. The FPV Drone also has the return feature which allows the drone to automatically return home when the battery is low. Moreover, the flight time is 18 minutes which is higher than many other drones in this price range. Overall, FPV Drone can’t record the super high-quality footage like the £800 drones but still, it can capture decent footage. If you amateur videographer then this drone can be a great choice for you. However, if you are a professional videographer then this drone is not for you. You can get this drone for approximately £139.99.

Holy Stone HS720 Foldable Drone

If you are someone who wants to good quality footage without breaking your bank then the Holy Stone HS720 Foldable Drone is a great option. This drone is capable of recording 2048 x 1152P high-resolution videos. It comes with the built-in shock absorption holders which ensure that you get the smooth footage. The drone also features the GPS Assisted Intelligence flight feature which returns the drone automatically when the battery is low or the signal is lost. This drone also supports the follow-me feature which means it can follow you around.

The drone is capable of transmitting footage for up to 3277 feet which is good. You get the flight time of 26 minutes which is good. However, it requires to charging time of 5–7 hours so we would recommend carrying the extra battery. Overall, Holy Stone HS720 is a great drone and it can help you capture some great footage. You can get this drone for approximately £299.99.


These are some of the best folding drones you can buy in 2020. Personally, I love the RC Quadcopter by JoyGeek. Some of these are ideal for beginners while some of them are great for drone enthusiasts. These drones are also very portable due to their folding design. However, we would recommend you to use the hard-shell case to protect them. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Originally published at on January 23, 2020.

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