I don’t know how I have reached the age of 37 without coming to Thailand. Sometimes, life just gets in the way! Just three days after arriving in Chiang Rai, I honestly felt that it was my spiritual home! I found such an amazing temple on my first day — the Blue Temple Chiang Rai (Wat Rong Suea Ten).

Standing Buddha at the back of the Blue temple

Most people say that the White Temple is the best Chiang Rai temple, closely followed by the Black House. I feel that the Blue Temple is not yet as highly rated mainly because it is so new and relatively undiscovered. Building commenced in 2005 and finished in 2016. The beauty of its vibrant cobalt blue colour therefore comes with the added bonus of it not being overcrowded, making a visit the the Blue Temple a more spiritual experience.

Naga guarding the Blue Temple in Chiang Rai

Many tour operators have now started to combine the Blue Temple — Wat Rong Suea Ten — with a tour of the White Temple and the Black House.

The temple is free to get in, and you will see an enormous porcelain white Buddha inside that beautifully reflects the vibrant blue colour of the temple. Remember to dress conservatively and don’t take selfies with the Buddha (particularly with your back turned to Buddha) or point your feet at Buddha — it’s disrespectful. Photography inside is allowed. Remove your shoes before entering the temple.

The Blue and Gold Stupa

Reach the Blue temple by Tuk-Tuk and pay no more than 50–100 baht to get there.

Depictions of hell as you exit the Blue temple

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