Breeding Syrian Hamsters

Amy Trumpeter
3 min readJun 24, 2021
Breeding Syrian Hamsters

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You may have considered breeding Syrian hamsters at some point either to sell or to add more to your hamster family. You must educate yourself and make sure you have everything before you start breeding your hamster.

Preparation for Breeding Syrian Hamsters

You will need to have a big enough cage for your hamster and her babies, enough resources, and some sort of breeding plan of what the options are after your hamster has given birth. You also need to check the laws in the country that you live in to make sure that you follow the guidelines and even to check that breeding Syrian hamsters is legal in the country that you live in.

What Will you do with the Babies?

It is not easy to just give hamsters away you have to make sure there are people in your area that want to buy hamsters. If you live in a neighbourhood where there are many children, then it may be easier to sell hamster since they are a great first-time pet. A good place to advertise hamsters is online or on a pet marketplace.

What to Remember Before Trying to Breed your Hamsters?

DO NOT breed hamsters that are too closely related. You do not want to create an inbred line because this can cause some issues with your hamster’s genetics and even cause certain genetic flaws. For healthy hamsters bred avoid breeding the same family. Choose hamsters that are from different stores and make sure you get a male and a female. Ask a member of staff or a hamster expert to ensure you have both sexes identified correctly. Also, make sure your hamsters are around the same age and sexual maturity for a higher success rate. It is best to let them grow to four to six months of age before beginning the breeding process. This improves the chances of a healthy litter.

Allowing your Hamsters to Become Familiar

When you first get your hamsters separate, them into two different cages and put the cages close together after a…

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