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A lot of things come to mind when you first hear the world burlesque. Whether it’s an exotic dancer or the famous film from 2010, Burlesque seems to captivate the mind with images of sultry lingerie and talented dancers and singers. However, burlesque is much more than that. Burlesque encompasses breathtaking clothing and Victorian design elements, blending costume, passion, stage, and exploration for an enticing and completely mesmerizing fashion experience. Today, you are invited to join us on our hunt for the best Burlesque corsets online!

The originally risque or inappropriate burlesque trend, once popular with Vaudeville entertainers as a way for women to expose and express themselves in innovative and exciting new ways. As an exciting new outlet of comedic music and acting, burlesque quickly became one of the most popular forms of modern entertainment and became famous for its sexy and body-positive silhouettes that highlighted sexuality, femininity, and exciting new fashions. Today, burlesque is an important part of cabaret shows as well as historic dancing exhibitions and a trend for cosplay and dancing costumes.

Corsets play a big role in the design and execution of a burlesque look. Corsets were traditionally very popular when burlesque first became popular, and the combination of the rigid look of corsets with the delicate lace fabrics and other gentle designs of lingerie or other exotic show-appropriate patterns helped solidify burlesque corsets as a popular standard among cosplayers and period dressers alike. If you’re looking to add burlesque corsets into your closet, check out these top burlesque corset recommendations!

Best Burlesque Corsets

Grebrafan Push Up Corsets

This sexy tight corset allows you to experience the perfect bustier Burlesque look at a moment’s notice. Available in multiple sizes, patterns, and colours, these corset comes with striped elastic plastic rods and features a zipper on the front for easy access and removal. This corset comes with fully adjustable ribbon lacing in the back that can fit comfortable to accommodate your size and preference. Doubling as clubwear, burlesque costumes, lingerie, or cosplay gear, these corsets are glamorous, affordable, and high-quality, making them great burlesque purchases.

PhilaeEC Women’s Bridal Lingerie Lace Up

Take burlesque glamor to the next level with these elegant lace up satin-boned corsets and g-strings that provide a fully matching set for sexy and stylish burlesque bedroom wear. Your corset can be chosen by your waist measurement and is basque with plastic bones and adjustable ribbon lacing in the back. Made partially of satin, you’re going to indeed need to hand wash this corset only, but its elegant looks and clasps more than make up for the inconvenience. Designed to serve as lingerie, this lace-up leads to multiple different colours and sizes and can multipurpose if you or your partner don’t enjoy it. From satin to sultry, the Philae EC is the perfect place to be.

OPAKY Fancy Burlesque Corset

Professional burlesque fashion becomes a full on outfit with this elegant burlesque corset. Stunning red fabric immediately draws the eye in with black boning that trims in the waist and adds more colour to your outfit. Lace trim and ruffles top the neckline, making a gentle silhouette and shading the neckline delicately for an attractive, attention-grabbing show. Ruffles across the bottom of the corset create a skirt and lower feature with red trim that flares out for a sweetheart approach that’s incredibly flattering and exciting to wear. Wear this for a burlesque costume or use to take a burlesque approach to another character or famous costume and draw in plenty of compliments for your glamorous beauty.

Charmian Women’s Burlesque Sweetheart

For a vintage approach to burlesque that calls back to the Victorian origins of the fashion trend, this Charmian sweetheart bustier is definitely the choice for you. With delicate periwinkle color schemes and elegant detailing and Victorian floral schemes, this corset sits perfectly over your outfit for a glamorous and vintage approach to burlesque. The sweetheart neckline supports your chest and creates a demure and elegant overboned approach to bust design, while rows of paneling and delicate buttons line the body. Ribbons trail the hemline for a delicate additional detail that sits well over pants or longer skirts. Ribbon lace up in the back ensures appropriate sizing and ties elegantly for a draping bow that’s truly fashion-forward.

Forever Young Ladies Burlesque Moulin Rouge Corset

Perhaps one of the most famous public examples of Burlesque in recent history, this Moulin Rouge styled corset is styled in a sweet and glamorous manner that makes it great for a costume party or other traditional wear. This two piece ensemble comes with a pink drawstring bustier corset with light boning to help draw in the figure and support the bust. The strapless corset is lined with rows of ruffles and additional fabric for a ladylike style that draws in the eye. This outfit also comes with an elegant black knee length skirt with ribbon and lace hemming that’s as attractive as it is flattering. When you wear these items together, they appear to be the perfect dress, making this a great costume for all burlesque themed events.

Yummy Bee Burlesque Costume

Another styled and sassy burlesque corset set, this Yummy Bee style features a boned black corset with eye-catching ribbon, satin, and sequin detailing that draws in your eyes and your waistline. Choose from a few different elegant colours and show off your show-girl style in this waist-shaping and flirty burlesque outfit. Black and purple shadow boning runs down the front and sides of this corset with a ribbon closure in the back that models after the traditional burlesque style for a fashion forward approach to the glamorous look. This costume set also comes paired with a matching satin thong and a tutu with zig zag edging or a ruffled and layered organza skirt for the perfect overlay to your sexy costume.

Burlesque is a fashionable and sexy design trend that can be a part of your cosplay, personal, or costume wardrobe! If you loved this article and want to learn more about burlesque trends, check out our article on burlesque clothing ideas here!

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