Can hamsters eat Pumpkin?

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readApr 17, 2021
Can hamsters eat Pumpkin?

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Pumpkins get all their glory around Halloween when they are of course carved into amusingly menacing Jack-o’-lanterns! But if you are a hamster owner then halloween shouldn’t be the only time of year that pumpkins get their time to shine because they’re also a delicious treat for your pet that can be enjoyed all year round!

Can my hamster eat pumpkin?

As a hamster owner, you may be wondering if your pet can eat pumpkin. Well, the short answer is yes! The two tastiest parts of a pumpkin are the flesh and the seeds, with hamsters able to eat both of these.

So whether it’s halloween or not, giving your hamster a reasonable portion of pumpkin is a great idea as it’s one of the best natural treats for them to eat.

Is pumpkin good for hamsters?

Before you start feeding your hamster pumpkin, it is definitely worth remembering that hamsters need a diet that has a good balance and provides lots of nutrition to help them stay healthy. Luckily, both the flesh and seeds from pumpkins can be a fantastic part of a little hammies’ diet as they have vitamins and minerals that can help with their wellbeing and development.

Your hamster will benefit from the following nutrients if you feed them pumpkin seeds:

  • Protein — this is essential for growth and a healthy metabolism
  • Unsaturated fats Omega 3 and Omega 6 — these help to keep hearts healthy

If you feed your hammie pumpkin flesh, they will receive nutrients including:

  • Vitamin A — this keeps the immune system working well
  • Calcium — which helps to keep their bones and teeth strong
  • Magnesium — this ensures bones, muscles and cells stay healthy

Pumpkins do contain a relatively high amount of sugar, so you should always remember that it should only be given to hamsters as a treat and it shouldn’t become a primary part of their diet.

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