Canicross is a new and upcoming sport that enables you and your dog to strengthen your relationship through the means of getting fitter and healthier. It consists of your dog running in front of yourself as it is attached to your waist, so you have your hands free as well. It has the great benefits of encouraging healthy, bones, joints, and ligaments, which ultimately enhances your wellbeing and mood. Any dog owner can start trying this pretty much immediately as there isn’t a whole lot of equipment required (we’ll mention what you need later on) so anyone can get started if you’re looking to improve your fitness, whilst exercising your dog. Taking part in Canicross really helps build a better bond with your dog as a level of confidence is installed because your dog is running in front of you, which means it has to listen to the correct demands and instructions. There’s very little to say about Canicross that is negative, so we suggest you give it a go!

Canicross running plus dog belts

Selecting the best Canicross running belt is an important factor as it will significantly improve comfortability when running. It will also prevent the belt from snapping, falling off, or just easily breaking. That’s why we’ve included some of the best Canicross belts below as which have proven to work for a number of people.

1. Laney Hands Free Dog Lead

This is one of the best leads for Canicross because it has the ideal degree of flexibility and has maximum comfort for both your dog and you. With its adjustable waist belt, this is suitable for basically any type of dog, so you don’t need to be concerned about sizes. Your dog can run about 50 inches in front of you, giving you the perfect distance for Canicross running. All over the lead there is reflective stitching which means you can run safely at low light times. Best of all, the lead is not hard to get on as there is an attachable D-ring that makes putting it on easy.

Canicross equipment

2. Nikkipet Hands Free Dog Lead

The Nikkipet Hands Free Dog Lead has been perfectly designed for Canicross as it is an incredibly adjustable lead that enables your dog to run in front of you at a safe distance of 43 inches. There are two handy, integrated pockets attached to this lead that are great for storing essential items like your keys or phone, whilst running. In addition, this lead lets you stay safe in the dark due to the reflective seams that cover the leash, making it an all-round great option when it comes to Canicross running.

Canicross lead

Canicross cycling plus bike attachments

If you’re more of a cycler than a runner, then don’t worry as there are Canicross cycling bike attachments that allow you to exercise with your dog in style. In particular though, we recommend the Walky Dog Exerciser Leash as it is the best cycling attachment for Canicross on the market today. It enables you to ride at a safe distance with your dog, which is crucial for cycling and can be extended by 6.5 inches. The lead itself is made about if Military Grade Paracord which is resistant and durable material that is likely to last years. You are most definitely getting your value for money with this one as it is a great lead to get up and cycling with in Canicross.

Canicross bike attachment

How to Get Started

Once you have gathered all of the sufficient equipment you can get started right away. If you’re wondering where you should run and are lacking in ideas, take a look below.

Look up trails in your local area. This may be in fields, woodlands, or parks, Canicross is a sport that covers all terrains, so don’t feel like you have to stick to the road. In fact, off road running is better as it is soft underfoot and it can be bad for your dog’s joints, so you and your dog will feel a lot more comfortable. This is why it is important to mix up the terrains in which you do your Canicross in and it will actually make you better and more competent in the sport.

If you’re looking for some like minded people who are involved in Canicross, then you should join a group. There are plenty of Facebook groups out there, one will most likely be in your local area. One of the biggest groups is Trailrunners, who specialise in all sorts of CaniSports, including Canicross. In this group you can find the best tips and advice when it comes to Canicross and you can also find people in your local community who are also into this. Joining a group like this will not only make you more educated, but it will also let you get involved in the social sphere of the sport.

Top Tips for Canicross

  • First of all, you need to make sure your dog is suitable for Canicross. Being too old or young can result in injuries and discomfort
  • Use vocal instructions for your dog. Aim to teach the words left and right for your dog as this will really help with mobility, especially because they are in front.
  • It is easy for dogs to get distracted by a nice smell, a bird, or another dog, so use the call ‘on by’ which basically means ignore. Installing this into your dog’s brain will be seriously useful.
  • Make sure Canicross is for you. Canicross isn’t really a competitive sport and isn’t taken too seriously as its meant for improving your bond with your dog and getting fitter in general.
  • Be patient with your dog. If your dog is new to Canicross, then it may take a few sessions to get some good consistency in your runs. Over time your dog will improve, so don’t worry!

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Originally published at on August 31, 2020.

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