Cattlepunk is a sub-genre of Steampunk. It is essentially when Steampunk meets the Wild West. The sci-fi element of Steampunk is paired with the Wild West in order to create the sub-genre where cowboys holding revolvers and shotguns are at the forefront. The cowboys in the Cattlepunk genre have a little more high tech incorporated into them, similar to that of the Steampunk genre.

Examples of Cattlepunk

An example of Cattlepunk being portrayed in the media is the Daniel Craig movie Cowboys & Aliens, where cowboys and natives have to fight against aliens who are trying to take over the Earth in 1873. One of the most recognisable Cattlepunk portrayals on TV comes from Back to the Future Part III when Doc Brown and Marty are sent back to the Wild West and the Doc has to create a number of different pieces of tech in order to get them out of a number of different situations. Westworld, a television show about a Wild West theme park set in the future with humanoids, is another example of Cattlepunk portrayals in the media.

Cattlepunk Literature

In literature, Cattlepunk dates back to the 1890s from many of the dime novels available back then. Characters such as Frank Reade, created by Luis Senarens, oftentimes visited the Cattlepunk genre in the many futuristic Western stories. Another famous example of Cattlepunk in literature was written by the King of horror — Stephen King. The Dark Tower series is a dark fantasy that features a ‘gunslinger’ and his quest towards the tower and all the trials along the way. Weird West Tales by Mike Resnick are from the Cattlepunk genre, and features characters such as the famous Doc Holliday.

Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention

The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention in AZ has run every year for the past ten years, since 2011. The convention was cancelled in 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak, however, it is expected to return in 2022. The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention is America’s first and only Western-themed Steampunk convention. The convention takes place in Old Tucson, the famous movie studio and amusement park built in 1939. The studio was used for over 300 movies and television shows, it is transformed every year for The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention into a western-themed town and amusement park, the perfect backdrop for Cattlepunk fans. The convention features concerts, street performers, panels, workshops, rides, games, vendors, and other special events. There is plenty going on at The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention, why not get your outfit sorted and book your tickets?

Cattlepunk Fashion Essentials

Here are some Cattlepunk fashion essentials:

Cattlepunk cowgirl hat

A cowgirl hat is an essential if you want to embrace Cattlepunk fashion. This black faux-leather cowgirl hat has a dangling chain that adds to your badass fashion sense. Of course this hat is expensive, but there are cheaper options on the market.

cattlepunk hat

This cowgirl hat is unisex and made of faux felt. There are a range of colours available so you are bound to find one that suits your image. The turned up sides and leather ribbon around the centre of the hat are perfect for the Cattlepunk image.

cowboy hat

A different style of hat is an Australian style bush hat. The hat is made from real cowhide leather and has a distressed colouring in order to look more authentic and worn. It comes with a free removable chin strap, providing two different looks for the one hat.

cattlepunk ankle boots

These cowboy ankle boots are a great look that will make you look like the sheriff of the town. The different shades and patterns of brown leather add to the overall effect of the boots. They look incredibly slick and stylish and the golden chain will make you the talk of the town.

cattlepunk boots

If you’re looking for a more plain cowboy boot, these are perfect. They look traditional and authentic, despite being made out of synthetic leather.

cattlepunk cowboy boots

These faux leather cowgirl boots have antique embroidery that really make this boot look authentic and badass. They are mid calf boots and will look great under a pair of jeans or a skirt.

Victorian cattlepunk boot

Why not go a little more traditional? These mid calf boots look authentic to the Western period, they will look great with some fishnets and a skirt. The style of the boots is like old fashioned ladies riding boots and they look like you could kick some ass in them.

White shirts are a must have in your Cattlepunk closet, this blouse has a corset style and will look great paired with a brown waistcoat and either a skirt or some leather trousers. The long sleeves look elegant but paired with the correct accessories and clothing items, it will look badass.

cattlepunk shirt

This shirt with puffy sleeves will look great as part of your Cattlepunk outfit. Pair it with either a waistcoat, or braces with leather trousers and a cowboy hat and boots, and you’re good to go.

cattlepunk waistcoat

A great addition to wear on top of a white shirt, this brown faux leather waistcoat has an authentic look with the used, vintage effect colouring of the waistcoat.

cattlepunk corset

This women’s corset is a great look for the Cattlepunk genre, it can pair nicely with a white shirt and a skirt, or leather trousers. The buckles add to the sci-fi element of the Cattlepunk genre.

cattlepunk gun

A weapon is also a necessity when it comes to the Cattlepunk genre, this gun and garter is perfect for pairing with your outfit.

cattlepunk weapons

Another weapon option is this steampunk revolver. It has sci-fi features that separate it from any normal revolver. It is futuristic in style and will match your outfit perfectly.

cattlepunk belt

You can’t forget a belt when putting together your Cattlepunk outfit, a belt may seem like a small detail, but it makes all the difference.

Baoblaze Mens Leather Belts

You can even choose a belt with a flashy buckle that is bound to demand some attention.

cattlepunk holster

Or perhaps instead of a belt, you would prefer a holster. This faux leather double holster may be more your style.

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