Celebrities who Wear Wigs

Celebrities who Wear Wigs

Wigs often have a reputation as a costume or cosplay accessory. Seen as cheap, boring, or cheesy, many people write off wigs without considering the full range of potential a good wig provides. However, wigs are actually an incredible asset to many people’s wardrobes. They’re fairly cost-effective, allowing you to try a number of different hair cuts, colors, or styles without having to book an expensive salon appointment every time and wait for your hair to grow out or heal from coloring damage. Wigs also can help disguise thinning hair or baldness, a useful tool for people with alopecia or similar hair loss conditions that want to maintain fun and funky hairstyles. They save you time by not having to style your hair every morning, and they protect your hair from heat and styling damage. With all that in mind, who wouldn’t want to wear a wig! Today’s article is all about Celebrity wigs.

Celebrities wear wigs all the time. While you might be thinking of eccentric and fashionista wig-wearers like Lady Gaga, many celebrities also wear wigs in their everyday life to protect their hair from constant damage from styling and to allow them maximum style options. Celebrities from all walks of life wear wigs and fake hair as a staple of their style wardrobe that allows them to change their look and their brand on a dime. Here are some of our favorite wig-wearing celebrities who you may or may not have known wear wigs!

Keira Knightly

The period-drama icon announced she’d been publicly using wigs since 2011. The actress has done many famous roles over the years, but they’ve all taken a toll on her hair. The constant dying, styling, and shaping of her hair has created major hair loss, so the actress began using wigs to protect her remaining hair and maintain a light and stylish appearance. She swears by them now and is open about the benefits of protective wig-wearing for all.

Kylie Jenner

The famous beauty and fashion icon is perhaps one of the most public examples of wig wearing. She’s been known to rock dramatic hairstyle changes on a daily basis, delivering everything from neon green and yellow hair to softer lilac tones and her signature long, dark black. The celebrity relies on wigs for fast and dramatic fashion changes without having to restyle her hair every day, and from the massive amount of hairstyles she’s debuted over the years, we can only guess that her wig closet is massive. Here are some of our favorite Kylie Jenner wigs.

Lady Gaga

Another famous celebrity known for her wigs, Gaga is definitely one to use wigs for a dramatic and eccentric look. Preferring the avant-garde sides of fashion, Gaga tops off her show-stopping looks (favorites include the meat dress and her “cloud” ensemble) with wigs to accentuate and perfect her fashion choices.

celebrity wigs

More recently, she’s been debuting pared-down wig looks to accessorize a natural and more fashionable look, but we’re certain she’ll get back to crazy hairstyles soon! Here are some of the best Lady Gaga wigs you can buy online.

Gwen Stefani

The platinum blonde revealed she’s been a regular wig user since the 9th grade. As someone who is always in the spotlight, it makes sense that her hair would be fragile given the amount of teasing and styling she endures. In order to preserve that pure blonde look, Gwen Stefani uses natural, curled, and teased wigs to protect her hair while showing off incredible and fashion-forward styles.

Gwen Stefani wig


Zendaya is another popular icon who’s been using wigs to dress up her red carpet looks for years. Switching from pixie cuts to blunt bobs to high ponytails and princess-style curling locs, Zendaya has been amazing people with her trendy and stylish wigs for years. The red carpet always looks better when Zendaya is showing off a new wig on it!

Katy Perry

Another actress who made her fame off of her bold and colorful costumes, Katy Perry has been demonstrating stylish and crazy wigs since the early 2000s. In her music videos, Perry has donned everything from pink and red colored styles to long brown and black natural looking tresses, though she’s also played around with pixie cuts and other trendy hair styles. Perry was one of the first to begin using wigs as an accessory in their own right, which definitely puts her on the map as a trendy wig user! Here are our favorite Katy Perry wigs.

Ariana Grande

The child star turned famous singer and actress Ariana Grande openly talks about her passion for weaves, wigs, and hair extensions. She has spoken out about the years of dying and styling her natural hair for Nickelodeon that left it damaged and broken, even saying directly that “I wear extensions, but I wear it in a ponytail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down”. Her famous lengthy ponytail is almost entirely extensions, but it looks healthy and happy every time she wears it!

Ariana grande ponytail wig

If you liked this article on celebrity wigs, you may be interested in learning more about how you yourself can successfully implement wigs in your routine! Check out our guide to wearing a wig for more helpful tools on getting started with wigs.

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