Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review — I Love My Wigs

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review — I Love My Wigs

The Clinique high impact lipstick is a make up bag must. I have had several of these high impact lipsticks in different shades over the last couple of years, and highly recommend them.

Clinique High Impact

This lipstick comes in a beautiful silver lipstick tube that is ridged. The case is really attractive and hard wearing. The ridges make it easy to open and apply.

The Clinique High Impace lipstick itself IS long lasting — when I wore it to a full day event, I only reapplied once through the day. This makes sense as it claims to last for 8 hours and I was probably out for close to that.

The Clinique High Impact Lip Color glides on and has a neutral scent. I also find this lipstick very moisturising so I don’t need to worry about chapped lips in the winter. I usually go for a soft day lipstick such as the Plum Nude and the Extreme Pink or Red-y to Wear for going out. The extreme pink seems to go with most of my wardrobe and make up bag!

Clinique High Impact

Clinique High Impact Lipstick Review

Well what can I say? The Clinique extreme pink lipstick was my lipstick of choice for my wedding day. I LOVE this lipstick so much that I’ve worn it pretty much every evening out since! It’s the perfect shade form me and seems to go with almost everything I want to wear. One lippy has lasted me a full year just about, applying maybe 4 days in a week. This makes it excellent value for money.

Have you ever tried the Clinique high impact lippy? What did you think? What is your colour of choice? Please share your comments on my blog!

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Originally published at on January 12, 2019.

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