Closure Wig

Amy Trumpeter
10 min readApr 6, 2021
Closure Wig

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If you’re looking for a closure wig to change up your style, this is the perfect article for you.

First of all, what is a closure wig? Technically a closure is not a wig at all, it’s an attachment. A closure closes the weave without needing any natural hair to close it up. The artificial closure wig is sewn in using weaving to give a more natural and full look. The purpose of a closure wig is to look as realistic and natural as possible, with the hair looking as though it grows from the scalp. The scalp section may be a type of lace in which the individual hairs are tied to the scalp piece. The scalp piece is made of thin and breathable fabric to allow for maximum comfort and they are sewn on just behind the hairline to give it a more natural appearance.

You get different types of closures, lace closures or lace frontal closures are the most common types of closure wigs. Although many get confused with the differences between a closure and a frontal, a closure is more like a strip, or a patch that runs down the middle part of the hair piece, whereas a frontal runs from ear to ear.

What are the differences in material? You can get many different types of closures, but the most popular tends to be either lace or silk. Due to the closure having less hair than a frontal, they are less easily styled and are best for a more natural look. The closure also has limited placement and can only be placed as a centre parting or a simple side part.

So why a closure? Closures are perfect for those who like routine. The styles are easy to replicate and for those who like to wear the same hairstyle everyday, a closure is perfect for you. Closures also tend to be cheaper than frontals so it is a more accessible option that will give you great looking hair.

If you need any more convincing, here are some pros to investing in a closure wig:

  1. Closures require very little maintenance, often wigs require experience in order to style and rock them, but closures are a simple and affordable way to change your hairstyle and to have an easy, everyday, go to, look.
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