Cordoba Synagogue — A Unique Hidden Gem in Andalucia

Amy Trumpeter
8 min readFeb 17

One of my highlights of Cordoba was finding this 12th century Synagogue. It’s one of only three synagogues from this era left standing — the other two are in Toledo. If you are spending time in Cordoba then don’t miss this…it’s easy to get to (walkable from the Mezquita) and you don’t need a guide.

Getting to the Cordoba Synagogue

You can walk to the Synagogue from the Mezquita (The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba) in about 5 minutes — walk into juderia (the Jewish quarter) and walk past the Maimonides statue (pictured below) and down the side of the bull fighting museum.

The Synagogue is free to get in and you don’t need to book tickets in advance. Not as many people know about it so it’s nowhere near as packed as the Mezquita. It’s quite tucked away on a narrow street called Los Judíos (The Jews) and is not really recognisable from the outside, but it is signposted.

You only really need 15 minutes there to have a look and read the signage, but believe me it is worth it for sure. If you are already at the Mezquita in Cordoba you would be silly not to make the short walk for this.

Cordoba Synagogue opening hours

It is usually open from 9am to 9pm, but times may vary on Sundays and holidays (it sometimes closes at 3pm). Double check with locals regarding holidays such as Christmas and Easter — although these are Christian rather than Jewish holidays, the Synagogue is not practicing but a historical monument so the opening times are affected by the usual Spanish holidays.

Although it is not an active Synagogue with a current Jewish congregation, dress conservatively and keep quiet inside out of respect. Some of the people who run it have Jewish ancestry. It would be impolite to rock up in a vest top, shouting your head off, or snogging your lover in the corner!

The Synagogue is closed on Mondays (as are many attractions, so Monday is not the best day for a day trip to Cordoba).

History of the Cordoba Synagogue

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