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Wigs are lifesavers! If you have not considered wearing wigs, it’s time you re-evaluate your decisions. Now, why am I so convinced about using wigs, you may ask. Let me tell you, wigs have made my life much exciting and classier without any doubt! Have you considered the number of products required to maintain your hair care routine and the expenses that go behind it? I bet you can! You have thought this to yourself all those salons and beauty parlors rob you with all their extravagant charges for hair cutting and hair setting. Ever since I discovered wigs, it has saved me a fortune. With wigs, I can fashion a different style every day, and without worrying that my hair is getting the worst of it. One of the wigs I sport most is Curly Wigs. So, I have a tip or two that I can tell you about these.

Even celebrities use wigs to transform themselves. Yara Shahidi, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Emily Ratajkowski are to name a few! Yes, you have read that right, they don’t have naturally curly hair or don’t always use curling irons, they simply put on a curly wig!

Types of Curly Hair Wigs

I’m sure you know, just like the hair, wigs too can be of different sizes, short, medium, or long. Many vendors even let you choose your desired length. Wigs can also be made from different materials. They are classified based on the materials used- human hair, virgin hair, synthetic hair, and heat-friendly synthetic hair.

Now I’m going to talk about the different curly waves there are so that you can choose the right style. The types are defined on the waves that the hair features.

This hair type gives a sleek and sultry look. Body Wave has an “S” styled spacious wave pattern throughout the whole body.

This is similar to the body wave’s “S” style, but here the waves are much more condensed and deeper. As the waves are closer to each other, they have the chance of being tangled, so care is important here.

Deep Curly wigs have more waves and are much denser than the deep waves. This gives you a tighter look and gives the illusion of having thick hair.

This curly wig has very tight yet tiny curls all around. The hair looks fluffy and thick. The kinky straight has uniform lines of curls and looks straight as a whole.

The waves are just like the kinky straight one. The difference is just the curls are not uniform, and so the overall hair also looks very curly.

What face shape suits curly wigs?

A square-shaped face has blunt angles and looks a bit wide and straight-lined. A mid to longer sized Curly wig will help in breaking the line and also soften the edginess of the face.

Oblong refers to having a very long and narrow face shape. So soft curls on the side of the face will help the face to look rounder and less long.

Curls naturally give you a puffy look that helps in making the round faces look longer.

Top Curly Wigs I recommend

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: The wig ensures a certain quality having been made from Brazilian Remy hair.

curly wigs

Design and Quality: The wigs look as natural as they come. They are not chemically processed in any way, and since it’s made from human hair, you can treat it as you would your natural hair. There are 7 size options and 5 style options for you to choose from. The wigs are on the costly side compared to others.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Though not made from human hair, these have also proven to be of promising quality.

short lace front wig

Design and Quality: The wig is made of heat-friendly synthetic material. This means you can use the iron to style the hair. The good thing about this particular wig is that it’s much denser than other typical ones. The wig also comes with 3 combs. It is almost as much as expensive as the natural hair wigs.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Virgin Hair is of the best quality wig material.

Brazilian Virgin hair Curly wigs

Design and Quality: This means all the hair is not only human but collected from a single person. The company selling the wig has top-notch service and are very responsive to customer queries.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: This wig is made from synthetic hair.

LIM synthetic hair curly wig

Design and Quality: This does mean you can’t apply heat onto them, and the price is also low for that matter. I can assure you, though, for the material, this wig is one of the best, made from imported South Korean fiber.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Being made from Brazilian virgin human hair puts this wig on the good side automatically.

Virgin human hair wig

Design and Quality: The wig has hair with 150% density, and the knots are bleached to make it look more natural. They come in 4 sizes and are as much expensive as the previous one.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: A tiny bit expensive than the other Virgin Human hair wigs on the list.

virgin human hair curly wigs

Design and Quality: This is because they maintain the 9A grade Remy Hair Wig quality. They offer 8 different sizes, ranging from 10 inches to 26 inches. You can also expect random gifts like a spray bottle while ordering from them.

Product Link: Click Here

Product Description: Do you fancy a stylish and sleek look? AISI hair offers the perfect one.

short hair wavy wig

Design and Quality: The best part? They are cheap, because how often do you like going out looking smoking hot! There are 13 colors, so no end of excitement, right?

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