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Cyberpunk seems to be taking over the world more and more with every passing day. Whether in popular video games, movies, or anime designs, more people than ever are becoming familiar with cyberpunk design and aesthetic trends and what that means for cyberpunk fashion. Originating as a subgenre of cyberfiction, cyberpunk is popular today as a literary and artistic movement that depicts a fusion between fashion and science fiction or fantasy trends. Today, cyberpunk is an exciting and fresh expression of scaled down design and technological innovation.

Cyberpunk clothing often incorporates all of the many elements of cyberdesign and technological elements into its design, including fantasy, technology, and sometimes even military history. One particularly elaborate part of cyberpunk are the shoes. Cyberpunk shoes are usually boots and vary depending on the individual. For women, cyberpunk boots are typically black or brown in color. You can find them in heeled or flat-foot versions and often feature laces or belt buckles detailing. Cyberpunk boots are made of leather, suede, or other vinyl materials and can be either short or tall-cut boots.

Cyberpunk boots designed for men also boast typical neutral colors like black or brown, and are made from leather or similar materials. You can expect to see more military tones, resembling combat boots and focusing on buckles or chain accents, though flame detailing or other standout designs are common too.

The Best Cyberpunk Boots to Buy Online

Savage Island Combat Boots Black Leather Patrol

Designed as a sturdy cyberpunk staple, these Savage Island combat boots are the perfect design staple for your outfit. With 50/50 leather and nylon designs, these patrol boots have plenty of give and a steel shank built into the sole to help reduce fatigue on the wearer’s feet, so you can wear them out dancing or to a cosplay convention without worrying about exhaustion. The leather material is weather resistant, so your shoe is durable, and features a lace-up closure for a military-esque design. With a heel height of 3 centimeters, these shoes are great for anyone, anywhere.

Women’s Army Combat LACE UP Grunge Military Bike

Available in a range of colours and sizes, these comfortable and well-made fashion military style zip up boots are suitable for multiple uses, including casual daily use and more formal performance or costume wear. These items are made from synthetic outer leather, keeping them affordable but still good quality, and feature an external lace up closure and side zipper for easy wear. With a heel height of 1 centimetre, these heel heights are thoroughly usable and the perfect shoe for people who want comfortable and accessible cyberpunk style.

Newrock M591-S1 Classic Black RED Flame Metallic Leather Boot

This durable goth boot is an incredible fashion statement that will look phenomenal on any user. These unisex Newrock boots fit both guys and girls, making them great versatile options for your next fashion style or statement. Made of true leather and featuring a sturdy rubber sole with steel reinforcements and detailing on the toe, sole, and heel, you’re truly going to be able to enjoy this stellar cyberpunk boot with flame detailing. The two inch heel height is manageable and exciting, and belt buckles up the side add additional detailing and support to your fabulous leather shoe.

Newrock 272 Metallic Black Goth Knee High Boot

This statement sky high boot is the perfect cyberpunk accessory for your latest costume and fashion look. Made of gum rubber soles with steel reinforcements to help them walk confidently on their 2.5 inch heel heights, these powerful boots make a statement wherever you go. With leather exteriors and smooth inner leather, these boots are a true masterpiece of modern design. Belt buckles, front laces, closures, and smooth inner leather materials make this boot a fashion forward accessory that’s unisex and designed for anyone to wear and rock.

New Rock M-591 -S5 Purple Flame Boot

Another edition of the fabulous M-591 statement boot, this cyperpunk staple is an incredible fashion statement that deserves a place of honor in any cyberpunk wardrobe.These unisex Newrock boots fit all genders and all costume options, making them just as versatile and valuable as other essential shoe styles from the New Rock line. Made of true genuine leather and featuring a sturdy rubber sole with steel reinforcements and fabulous purple flame detailing on the toe, sole, body, and heel, you’re truly going to fall in love with this staple shoe in the cyberpunk design.

Newrock Gothic Punk Rock and Roll TR001 Black Lace Up Boots

This staple gothic punk shoe is a great heeled option for cyberpunk style. Available in a sleek black style with a chunky heel for easy wear and use. Made of leather and with a rubber sole for grip and support, this slip on shoe is a glamorous cyberpunk style that you’ll love to wear. With a reasonable 2.5 inch heel that anyone can wear, these stylish shoes are a great addition to all cyberpunk costumes.

If you love the cyberpunk fashion realm and are interested in learning more about its sister design strategy, steampunk, check out our articles on steampunk clothing here!

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