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If you are looking to cosplay as Dabi from My Hero Academia and need to get the hairstyle just right, then look no further. This is the article for you, but first let’s take a look at the character of Dabi.

My Hero Academia is a manga and anime series, which has been on since 2016. It follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who is born without powers in a world in which the ability to have superpowers is ever increasing. Izuku dreams of becoming a hero still, and eventually his potential is recognised by the most popular hero in Japan. The hero gives him his own super powers and helps him to get into U.A. High school for heroes. Here he learns to become a hero with his friends, where the school teaches them how to fight against the villains.

Dabi is a villain in the show, being a part of the League of Villains at the beginning of the show, frequently coming face to face with the heroes on the show. He is a confident and rude character who comes across as emotionless and cold. He is always focused on the mission at hand, even retreating when he sees that the odds are stacked against him. He is a bit of a lone wolf and chooses not to trust anyone, he gets joy from fighting the heroes and even killing them. He fights those he classifies as ‘false heroes’ due to his role model, Stain’s impact, believing them to be unworthy.

Dabi is one of the strongest and most intimidating villains, he has a ‘cremation’ quirk that allows him to control blue flames. This allows him to do all sorts such as creating fire balls, and simply spraying flames. He can even form walls of fire to produce a ring to trap his opponents in and then reducing the walls size to kill them. However, his own body can get burned if he uses his quirk for long periods at a time.

Dabi has a lanky build, he is pale, and has spiky dark hair going in different directions. His hair hangs over his eyes that are blue in colour and like slits with dark patches underneath them, that look to be sewed on. He has these patches on much of his lower face, neck, and even down to his arms and legs. He has many ear piercings and also three nose piercings. Considered his most iconic look is the one he gets when joining the ‘Vanguard Action Squad’. This consists of a large dark overcoat with a high collar. The sleeves extend to the elbows, where there are two metal cuffs. The coat also has white stitches encircling the shoulders, and the hem is ripped and tied with string. The t-shirt he wears has a scooped neckline and is pale grey in colour. His trousers look like black leather, held up by a grey belt, and he wears black boots.

Best Dabi Wig Online

So if you are looking to dress up as this iconic villain for halloween or for cosplay, here are some of the best wigs that will help you do that:

Dabi wig

This wig looks perfect for a Dabi cosplay, it features the dark and spiky hair that looks undoubtedly Dabi style. It’s unclear whether you will need to style this wig once it arrives, but it does look the right colour and thickness to perfect your cosplay. The wig is made from heat resistant fibres so it will not irritate you while you wear it, it also comes with a wig cap that will keep the wig sat comfortably in place. This is a great wig that will work perfectly as part of your Dabi costume.

Dabi wig

This wig looks even more soft and thick than the one before, and it fits the Dabi style perfectly. The wig doesn’t come styled, but it has the potential to look as close to Dabi’s hairstyle as they come. It is made from heat resistant fibre so you don’t need to worry about sweat irritating you, and it also comes with a wig cap that will keep the wig held securely in place on your head. It might be that extra something that you need for your Dabi cosplay.

Dabi wig

Also needing styled, this wig is thick and quite realistic looking. The length and colour are perfect for styling into your favourite villain’s style. The material is made from heat resistant fibres which means you don’t have to worry about irritation, and it also comes with a free wig cap for that extra comfort. A wig cap is used to hold the wig in place so that you can enjoy your event without having to worry about your wig slipping. This wig will look incredible as part of a Dabi cosplay, just style it and you’re good to go.

Dabi wig

Another great wig option for your Dabi cosplay. This wig can be styled to look exactly like the villain’s signature hairstyle. It looks thick and fluffy and is sure to look amazing with your costume. It is made from heat resistant synthetic fibres that will prevent any irritation from occurring and it comes with a free wig cap to ensure maximum comfort and security. Wearing this with your costume will have you looking like the perfect villain.

Dabi Cosplay Ideas

Do you need a costume to go with that wig? Take a look at these:

Dabi Cosplay

This outfit contains the jacket, t-shirt, trousers, and the belt. All you need to add is your wig, makeup, and yourself. This costume looks badass and will make the perfect cosplay of Dabi. Why not live in the boots of your favourite villain, although you’ll need to provide boots yourself, and feel like a rebel for the time being?

Dabi Make Up

If you’re in need of some paint or makeup to complete your cosplay with Dabi’s iconic patches, this colour is perfect. This body painting makeup will make your cosplay look even more wow, with this colour that looks extremely similar to Dabi’s own patches.

Dabi cosplay coat

Another option for Dabi’s legendary long coat. This coat looks high quality and you will easily be able to find the t-shirt, trousers, boots, and belt to go with it. As well as the wig and makeup. This coat will look great as part of your cosplay, so make your mark in true Dabi style.

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