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Dental sticks are hard, chewy, textured treats that are made to improve your dog’s oral health. The coarse texture of the treats will help reduce plaque and tartar buildup between your dog’s teeth while giving them an enjoyable experience like any other flavoured treat would. Most DentaSticks are designed to be fed to your dogs every day and a lot of them actually provide a lot of added benefits like vitamins, collagen and other supplements. It is important to keep the size of your dog in mind when picking the right dental sticks.

Pedigree Dentasticks Small and Medium

For medium breeds like Patterdale Terriers, the small or medium versions of the Pedrigree Brand DENTASTIX are a great option to keep their teeth clean. They also come in a larger size that are made for bigger breeds. The Pedigree Dentastix come in three different flavours: The original one that appeals to all dogs, the beef flavoured for the meat lovers and even a variation designed for the pups in need of some minty fresh! The added benefits of chewing on a DentaStix on the daily are immeasurable; not only the oral health of your terrier will improve but they will also be receiving the added nutritional benefits as well.

pedigree dentasticks

Pedigree Dentasticks for Larger Dog Breeds

Like we mentioned before, The Pedigree DentaStixs also cater for larger breeds of dogs. This big variety pack is ideal for big dogs with big teeth and even bigger appetites. With 51 pieces of varied flavours of the three kinds we said before: original, beef, and fresh, it is guaranteed that your dog will receive a wide array of flavours that can vary day to day. The recommended frequency for this treats is to feed them at least one a day so that they can clean their teeth and see the real results of keeping their oral health to a tea.

Dingo Dental Sticks

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