Dog Bike Attachment

We all know that dogs need to get their exercise fix to be healthy and happy. Why not take them along with you when you do your own fitness routine so that you both can get your sweat on at the same time? In the human world of fitness there are many options of different things you can do to workout. As a lot of people know, elliptical movements are great alternatives to cardio exercises! And it’s even better when you get to go outside and enjoy the world around you in the company of your very best friend.

But how can you take your terrier out with you when you go biking? The answer is easy. Investing in a bike attachment for your dog is your best choice. There are many options out there for bikers that allow them to take their terriers out for a run while they paddle along the roads of life.

Walky Dog Plus

A great choice is the Walky Dog Plus — This amazing device has a patented quick lock and release design that absorbs shock and keeps your dog strapped on and secure while you freely ride along. Just install it on the back of your bike, clip your dog on and you’re in for an enjoyable journey together!

Dog bike attachment

Springer Dog Exerciser Dog Bike Attachment

There is no doubt that the Walky Dog Plus is the best alternative when it comes to bike attachments for dogs, but there are many alternatives that are a bit more budget friendly. A perfect example of this is the Springer Dog Exerciser, a bike attachment made of alloy steel with purposeful and simple design. Although it is a bit more stiff than the first option, this exerciser still gets the jobs done and keeps your terrier strapped on while you bike because it has a heavy duty shock system that will surely keep your dog safe all through the ride.

Springer dog exerciser dog bike attachment

Videosystem Hands Free Leash

If you are looking for an alternative that is simpler, there is a more flexible option that accommodates dogs that are more tame and easy going. The Videosystem Hands Free leash provides a flexible yet sturdy leash that doesn’t slip and is completely replaceable. The installation is quicker and easier than the previous two options due to its straightforward uncomplicated design.

Dog bike attachment

Choosing a Harness

Another very important thing to consider when biking with your dog is the harness. You can’t just grab a hook on to the neck collar of your dog unless you want the ride to be choppy and hurtful for them. Attaching a bike clip or car clip to a dogs collar is in fact very dangerous.

A nice high-quality dog harness like the BARKBAY Brand No Pull Harness is one of the best options out there to get your dog into biking and other training activities that require a lot of pulling and tugging while keeping them safe, secure and comfortable at the same time. This harness is specially designed for dogs that are strong and love to pull and fuzz. It comes in a wide variety of colours so that owner and dog can always be matching, too! The harness also has reflective strips in case it gets dark during your bike ride.

Dog bike harness

We also like the Perfect Fit Harness.

The health and protection of your pet should always be top priority and we want to provide you with the best information to ensure that. If you enjoyed this article on choosing a Dog Bike Attachment and are interested in engaging in other fitness activities with your best friend, you may want to read our article on Canicrossing.

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