Dog Enrichment Toys

Dog enrichment toys are all about stimulating your dog both physically and mentally. For excitable breeds Such as Jack Russell Terriers and Patterdale terriers, this is essential. They are bred as hunters and need to satisfy their working instinct, especially if they are not working dogs. But it’s not just for troublesome or working breeds, all dogs can benefit from enrichment.

There are many different ways to provide enrichment for your dog. It usually involves encouraging your dog to work for their food. Dog puzzles are also now becoming an increasingly popular for enrichment for your dog. We love the Nina Ottersson puzzles For dogs because they are well-made and designed to challenge your dog. They also come in many different levels of difficulty. Here are some of the best dog Enrichment toys that you can buy online today.

Snuffle mats are great for sniffing activities where they have to you find the treat in the fabric. You can also get Licky mats that you can use to spread their food or treats such as peanut butter on them and your dog has to lick it off. It makes food and treat time last longer. Dog puzzles are also now becoming an increasingly popular for enrichment for your dog. We love the Nina Otterson puzzles For dogs Because they are well-made And designed to challenge your dog. They also come in many different levels.

Advantages of using Dog Enrichment Toys and products

There are many advantages to enrichment and interactive dog toys for your dog…

  • Keep your dog Entertained
  • Makes his food last longer
  • Mental stimulation from learning new things
  • Develop your relationship with your dog when you do the dog puzzle together
  • Makes him work for his food Which will satisfy his hunting instinct
  • Can distract him from stressful situations such as fireworks or strange visitors
  • And help him to be comfortable when you leave the house

If you haven’t already got your dog on an enrichment program do consider starting something straightaway. The rewards are immense. Here are some of the best dog Enrichment toys that you can buy online today.

Dog Enrichment Toys — Puzzles

Dog puzzles are great to train your dog how to do sequential actions. With most dog puzzles, you can hide treats in different compartments. The idea behind them is that the dog will search for the treat and learn to slide, rotate or pull out pegs to reveal treats underneath.

I’ve already mentioned my favourite brand Nina Otterson puzzles.They are the best designed and most durable dog puzzles on the market. But what I really love about them Is that they come in three different levels of difficulty — Easy, Medium and Hard. There is even now a Level 4 multi-puzzle with up with 24 compartments for your dog to reveal. When your dog is a bit of a beginner It’s a good idea to start with a level one puzzle.

The easiest dog puzzle to start off with Is the dog Smart composite. In this level 1puzzle your dog will need to lift pegs up and move them aside to reveal his Treats.

Once your dog has mastered the basic level one puzzle, he can move up to level 2 which often involves more than one action such as sliding and lifting.

The Dog Brick

The brick is an excellent level 2 puzzle as it requires your dog to slide to reveal pegs that then must be removed to find the treat underneath.

The Dog Tornado

The tornado is a rotating the dog toy where your dog must rotate and lift to get his treat. It’s one of the most popular level 2 Dog Puzzles by Nina Otterson.

The Twister

When your dog has mastered several level two puzzles he is probably ready to progress to level three difficulty. The Twister is a more complex dog puzzle because he needs to pull the white lever to unlock. Only then can pay slide the top panels to reveal the treats.

And don’t forget, If you really want to give your dog a challenge go for the level four multi-puzzle!

Treats Dispensing Balls and Feeders

Treat dispensing balls can also be used to slowly feed your dog the usual intake of kibble. You can also put Treats in for a special reward. Your dog will need to bop The egg or dog treat ball with his nose or paw To dispense what’s inside.

Treat dispensing balls

Snuffle Matts

Snuffle Mats for dogs have many layers of fabric that you can hide treats in. Bury your pooch’s favourite treats deep in the Snuffle Matt And he or she will have to sniff them out. It is possible to buy a Snuffle Matt for between £20 pounds and £30 on Amazon. Here are some of our favourites…

AWOOF Dog Puzzle Toys, Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat

Dog enrichment toys

Licky mats

Licky Mats great because you can smear a tasty treat on them for your dog to lick off. You can use their usual wet food and smear it on the mat and then freeze to make its last even longer. These are excellent distractions during stressful situations such as fireworks or visitors. It’s also great to give your dog a lick mat when you are eating to stop him staring and begging for food.

Dog enrichment toys

It’s not just a dog food that you can put on your lick mat. Other ideas include yoghurt to freeze, peanut butter or cottage cheese. Blake completely adores his Mutt Butter which is specially formulated peanut butter for dogs. You can also get dog lick mats with suckers to go on the side of the bath to keep him occupied while he is getting washed!


Kongs are extremely popular because they are so hard wearing and so even the biggest dogs and the worst chewers can you use them. Kongs are are basically rubber dog toys that are durable and can be filled with food and treats inside. Your dog will need to use his paws and his mouth to get at whatever tasty feeling you have decided to use. You can be creative and Layer your dog’s Kong with different types of food Including normal wet food, cheeses, yoghurts And pastes or spreads. Chicken liver paste and dog yoghurt are popular options. We have safely left Blake alone with his Kong and he then spent time trying to get his tasty treat out in the middle instead of barking, chewing something he shouldn’t or getting stressed.

Dog enrichment toys kong extreme

There are different types of columns for different dogs. Most dog owners go for a small, Medium or Large black Kong. These are the toughest ones. The red Kong are for medium chewing adults dogs. There are purple for senior dogs and pink or light blue for puppies.

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