Dog Nerd Show — Patterdale Terrier Episode

Dog Nerd Show — Patterdale Terrier Episode

Me and Blake are delighted to have joined Megan Wargula and her husband Michael on the Dog Nerd show. The Dog Nerd show is a YouTube and Podcast about all things dog! They do ‘breed focused’ interviews and I was so happy to hear that Blake was chosen for the ‘Patterdale Terrier’ episode!

Patterdales were introduced as a high energy, tough as nails English hunting breed.We had a great discussion about the kind of exercise and mental stimulation that Patterdales need. Megan and Michael own border terriers themselves and so they are aware of the needs of terriers. We discussed issues affecting Patterdale Terriers such as how to entertain Patterdales with dog puzzles and how to limit their separation anxiety. I hope that you will watch the show and I’m sure that you will agree Blake was such a good boy during the filming.

As well as doing breed focused episode, you will also find that the Dog Nerd Show offers plenty of advice on all things dog, such as dogs and fireworks, foods to avoid and tips for senior dogs.

Hi I’m Amy — travel blogger, dog lover, digital marketer. I write mainly about Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Getting into drones!

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