Dog Treat Ball

When Blake our Patterdale terrier was displaying severe signs of separation anxiety, his trainer suggested to get him a treat dispensing ball for dogs, which we ordered for him on Amazon.

NB — We tried him with it supervised first of course, and then built up the amount of time he was left alone with AND had a dog cam in the kitchen to make sure he was safe (there is always a risk leaving any dog unsupervised with a toy so be aware of this).

What is the Treat Dispensing Ball for Dogs?

It’s kind of an egg shaped ball and you can screw the top off to pop treats inside and then seal it. The treats slowly dispense from one whole when your dog bops or pushes it. Some dogs nudge it with their nose or bop it with their paw. It’s surprising, but they figure it out quickly!

Treat Dispensing Ball for Dogs

This pet food ball that we use for Blake is made from non-toxic materials. It’s also easy to clean as it separates into parts so that you can wash it easily. It’s built to satistfy your dogs hunting instincts! Here he is bopping his egg…

What Dog Food to use in the Treat Dispensing Ball

Iams for treat dispensing ball

Small kibble works well in them such as Iams. If you want to make it really interesting, mix in a few of his favourite treats as long as they are the right size for the hole!

Benefits of using a Food Dispensing Ball for your Dog

A treat dispensing ball is great for terriers because they were originally working breeds and this encourages them to work for their food, diverting some of that energy and giving them mental stimulation at the same time. So while some people using it as a distraction during stressful times such as when there are visitors, fireworks or being left alone, many dog owners use it as a regular way to feed their terriers.

Alternative Treat Dispensing Balls on Amazon

There are many different dog treat dispensing balls available on Amazon. Although we love the one above, you may like to consider some of these…

LumoLeaf Treat Ball

LumoLeaf Treat Ball

This LumoLeaf treat ball has adjustable settings so that you can increase the difficult as your dog gets better at accessing the treats!

Kong Rewards Ball

Kong Rewards Ball

Kong have a fantastic reputation of making the most durable dog toys. Your dog will love this Kong Rewards ball which has a bounce and roll action to keep dogs stimulated.

Feixun Pets Rubber Treat dog ball

Feixun Treat dog ball

This is a 2 pack of treat dispensing dog balls that have the added advantage of cleaning your dog teeth as he tries to get the treats out!

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Originally published at on August 12, 2020.

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