Dog Vaccinations — Are they Important?

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readSep 27, 2020
Dog Vaccinations — Are they Important?

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Although it’s not very nice to see your new pup squirm when he goes to get his puppy shots, the reality of the situation is that by taking him for dog vaccinations you could actually be saving his life. There are some horrible deadly dog diseases such as parvovirus and canine distemper that you will certainly want to protect your dog from as they may result in death.

What are Dog Vaccinations?

Dog vaccinations are injections that give your dog a small dose of a disease in order to build up immunity and therefore prevent it from getting that disease in the future, much like the shots that are recommended for babies and children. Dog vaccinations will be recommended by your breeder or rescue centre and vet.

It’s also essential to take your dog to get his puppy shots so that he can be socialised without risk of infecting or being infected by other dogs as some canine diseases or spread by contact. Some training centres and doggy daycare or boarding centres will require evidence of vaccinations before they can be allowed in, and so it’s in everyones best interest to get them.

Of course dog vaccinations are not free and often not covered by insurance policies and so you need to budget for these when you purchase or adopt your dog. We get Blake his boosters every year and the budget is about £50 for these with a private vet in Liverpool.

What are the different Types of Dog Vaccinations?

Two different types of vaccinations exist — a Killed or Dead Vaccine and a Modified Live Vaccine. A Modified Live Vaccine is the live disease being injected, while having been altered by the drug company to be unable to cause the disease it is protecting against. A Killed or dead Vaccine is when the virus itself has been killed before any injection occurs.

Do I need to get my Dog Regular Boosters?

Once vaccinations are given, your dogs immune system will recognize the presence of a disease and will…

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