Forthglade Dog Food Review

Forthglade is a UK based company producing healthy and tasty food and treat options with recipes specifically designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They also have recipes available for common allergies. Only high-quality ingredients are used across their ranges and there are no added preservatives, sugars or grain fillers making forthglade dog food an excellent option for your pooch. All meals are nutritionally balanced, containing a high percentage of good quality meat, essential for healthy dogs. I hope you enjoy our Forthglade dog food review.

Introducing Forthglade Wet Dog Food

Forthglade wet food is available in complete meals or complementary ‘just meat’ recipes. Using high quantities of good quality meat, the complete meals also include vegetables such as peas, carrots and squash to provide fibre, vitamins and minerals, plus a selection of natural botanicals like rosemary, parsley and camomile. These herbs help support the dog’s natural defences and calm sensitive tummies.

If you wish to combine a good quality dry food with Forthglade wet dog food, their complementary options use 90% high quality meat for protein and essential vitamins, combined with a selection of natural minerals to provide oils and fats for healthy skin and to aid digestion. Forthglade never use cheap fillers and their recipes are hypoallergenic.

How is Forthglade dog food made?

During the cooking process, the meat is gently steamed over a long period with just a little water. This slow cooking method helps retain nutrients within the meat, unlike conventional brands that use quick high-heat methods which destroys a lot of the natural vitamins and minerals.

Is Forthglade Dog Food easy to Store?

Since the food is stored inside sealed pouches the boxes can be stored safely in a cool dry place such as a cupboard or pantry until needed. Once opened, the pouches can be safely refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Forthglade Dog Food Review — The Final Verdict

With meals of chicken, lamb and beef in both their complementary and complete ranges, Forthglade wet food can be used either as a part of a balanced diet or as a treat substitute, which is great for use on a licky mat (like we do for Blake — above) for mental stimulation and to slow down quick eaters.

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Originally published at on May 27, 2020.

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