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Amy Green
8 min readJul 27, 2022

The beautiful city of Oxford is home to the oldest University in Britain which was established in 1096. The city is full of green spaces, historical architecture and Church spires. Spend at least 2 days in the city if time allows. Many people see Oxford as a day trip, but I feel that it warrants much more than that, especially if you want to explore the free museums. In this travel blog, we will look at a range of the best free things to do in Oxford. It can be an expensive city, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re searching for something to do while you’re in Oxford on a budget, these places are worth checking out.

How to get to Oxford

Oxford City Centre is walkable from Oxford train station and there are regular trains from London and Birmingham. If you are travelling to Oxford from the Northern Cities such as Liverpool or Manchester then you may have to change at Birmingham New Street. Remember that trains in the UK are cheaper if you book them in advance. You can book your ticket on

There are also coaches that go straight to Oxford from Heathrow airport. Book online with National Express.

The Best Free Things to do in Oxford

There are many fantastic museums in Oxford that are free to get into including the Pitt Rivers, the Museum of Natural History and the Ashmolean Museum. If it’s architecture that you are looking for then head to All Souls College or Oxford Town Hall. One things is for sure — you will never be short of free things to do in Oxford. If you are looking to save the pennies and stretch the budget even further then you will find Oxford to be a great city to sit and have a picnic — as long as you pick a good weather day!

Pitt Rivers Museum

The Pitt Rivers Museum displays one of the world’s most important anthropological and international archaeology collections. It’s my favourite out of all of the free things to do in Oxford. The collection includes tens of thousands of common things that highlight the diversity of cultural responses to the same basic difficulties that we all confront as human beings, and it comes from all corners of the globe and all times of human history. The museum’s…



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