Full Lace Wigs vs Lace Front Wigs

Full Lace Wigs vs Lace Front Wigs

Wigs are meant to make your hairstyle routine hassle-free. People use wigs as fashion statements, to freshen up their looks and, many times, to simply get rid of their untangling mess of a hair. But if these wigs become a hassle in your life, then you might as well learn to manage that unkempt mess. Or you can give this article a read. Here, we will compare the two most controversial wigs; Full lace vs Front Lace wigs and will come to a verdict to settle this debate once and for all.

First, let us get to know about both types of wigs.

The Full Lace Wigs: The wigs used to cover the entire head which comes along with a lace cap. These wigs are comfortable for those who have long hair, and they don’t want to face the hassle to style it every single day. These lace wigs cover your entire head and will enable you to style your “artificial hair” in any way you want, saving your real hair from the everyday tug and pull and the heat of the straightner.

Front Lace Wigs: The wigs which are used to cover the front hairline of your head and give you a subtle look is known as Front Lace Wigs. This is very efficient as it is very lightweight and doesn’t cause the head to ache. Though it doesn’t cover the head entirely, it still stays on securely as it’s not very dense.

Now that you know about both types of wigs let’s continue to outline the differences between them.


  • The main difference is dependent upon the attire which you are wearing. If you are going to a cosplay wearing full lace wigs, then it will be a complete disaster. So, it depends on the situation on which you should be wearing wigs.

How to wear Full Lace Wigs:

  • You need to secure and protect your natural hair first.

Ways to wear Front Lace Wigs:

  • Get your hair ready and flatten your head for wearing that wig.

Other than the products used to apply the wig, you will need a wig tape to attach the wig properly on your head. Then the scissors will also be required to cut off the extra part of the lace to make it look seamless with your natural hairline.

Best Full Lace Wigs:

1. Full Lace Wig Human Hair with Baby Hair (ASIN: B085DPW6HN)

Product Link: Click Here

Product Highlights

  • The knots are bleached, and this consists of transparent lace

2. BEEOS Hair Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs (ASIN: B07311GFQ1)

Product Link: Click Here

Product Highlights:

  • The cap’s size is approximately 22 inches

3. Brazilian Ombre Blonde Human Hair Full Lace Wigs (ASIN: B07HNHJP68)

Product Link: Click Here

Product Highlights:

  • Made from 100% Brazilian hair which is of virgin human

Best Lace Front Wigs:

1. K’ryssma Platinum Blonde Glueless Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wigs (ASIN: B00VSQ6AFY)

Product Link: Click Here

Product Highlights:

  • The hair of the wig is synthetic

2. K’ryssma Black Lace Front Wigs for Women (ASIN: B08BZBSL5J)

Product Link: Click Here

Product Highlights:

  • This wig is 22 inches in length which can cover your long hair easily

Final Verdict:

Comparing both the products, the one to be suggested from our side would be Full Lace wigs. This is one of the lightest wigs that won’t add any extra weight on your head. They are also easier to put on and manage. That is the main reason for choosing this Full Lace wig.

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