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Goku is arguably the most popular and cherished anime character out there. Goku Cosplay has also become a trending hobby! Even many people who do not fancy watching anime loves Goku. For our friend who is wondering who is this “Goku,” it is a character from the Dragon Ball franchise by Akira Toriyama. In fact, Goku is the main protagonist of the manga and the show. Akira Toriyama published the very first chapter of Dragon Ball Z on June 19, 1984. It is over 36 years, and still, the franchise, as well as the show, is among the most trending in the anime world.

Who is Goku, and why is he so popular!

To discuss and know behind the scenes information about Goku, you should first know about the anime, Dragon Ball. As we said, the manga came in on above 36 years ago. However, it didn’t become famous just right then. In 1986, Toyei Animation adapted the manga into two anime series. That is when the Dragon Ball franchise started to rise with wings flapping. The whole franchise didn’t just become prevalent, it has grossed over $30 Billion in revenues. It is among the top 20 highest-grossing franchise of all time. Up till now, there have been a total of 6 animated series from the franchise officially. The number of fan-made animations is uncountable. Over 250 million copies of the manga have been sold in 40 countries and are the 2nd most sold manga ever. So, what makes this particular franchise so popular?

Compelling Characters, properly articulated storylines, character development, overblown fight scenes, lots and lots of colors, ideal villains, and much more! You need to understand back in the ’80s all these things weren’t as standard in the shows or in animations as they are now. So, when people got a taste of such high quality, patience works, they got attached to it immediately.

Oh! I forgot to mention the most crucial aspect of all, the “Emotional Content!” While all other shows focused on the stories, actions, etc. Dragon Ball made sure the audience connect with the feelings of the characters. The fears, the rage, the power, the pain of loss, failure, joy each and every emotion were portrayed so blissfully audience felt a part of it. One fan once said that what Iron Maiden is to music, Dragon Ball is that to anime. The show has been passed from generation to generation through dad to son, family, and friends.

So, it is understandable that Goku, the main character of the show, will be just as much popular if not more. Most young to adult people now grew up watching the charismatic, fun-loving Goku while they were a child. The best part is that Goku himself was a child and grew up with the show advancing. Goku didn’t lose his fun-loving self even when he grew up, while the other characters did. Nostalgia plays a significant role too! This lovely child character also proved to be the strongest character ever and often compared with Superman. This central character was also the kindest of all, helping others, showing mercy to his opponents, and even being ready to sacrifice himself for the better good. Lest I forget to mention, Goku has his own day officially recognized as Goku day in Japan. He is also the only character ever to be an ambassador of the Olympics. That’s how popular Goku is!

Cosplaying as Goku

We are here to guide you if you want to take part in Goku cosplay, after reading all these and becoming a fan of the show yourself. Costumes are, of course, mandatory for cosplaying. You can easily find cosplay costumes of Goku for it being so popular. Before suffering from hesitation about buying costumes, here are some wise words about cosplaying, you should keep in mind:

  1. Cosplayers are a welcoming Community.

You might think it is too late to start cosplaying your desired characters seeing all the great cosplayers around you. The reality is, cosplayers always welcome new members, even a try with half unfit costumes will get you praises. Gather courage!

2. Other artists are always there to help.

If you are confused about anything on how you can cosplay better or even need a costume, ask for help in the cosplaying communities. Speaking from experiences here, there will always be at least one person who is willing to help you.

3. Be bold, and love what you do.

Remember that before focusing on earning money, it is necessary that you love the act first. Do not jump into professional cosplaying at an instant, because that my friend has become very competitive. Chances are that you will get tired, may even start hating cosplaying before you also get the hang of it.

4. Choose the right Costume.

Now comes the part you are worried about, Costumes! Believe me, when I say, you must choose the right quality instead of the “realistic-looking” ones. Start with costumes that naturally fit you and those you can buy from sellers directly. Costumes should be light for your body’s sake and also ensure that it is not damaged in transit.

Goku Costumes We recommend:

1. Miccostumes Men’s Saiyan Costume full set

Product Link: Link

Buying this Goku Costume will fulfil all the essential requirements to dress up as Goku! It has the orange shirt of the top, the dark blue to be worn underneath, orange pants, and even the belt and wrist guards.

Goku Costume


  • Made from 65% Cotton and 35% polyester materials.
  • Available in 4 sizes.

2. Miccostumes Men’s Goku Cosplay Wig

Product Link: Link

Wigs truly take the Goku Cosplay to a whole another level. The iconic hairstyles of the DBZ characters are instantly recognizable. This wig is available in Gold, Black and Blue.

Goku cosplay wig


  • Pre styled, no styling needed.
  • True to size- One size fits all.

Cosaug Goku Cosplay Overshoes

Product Link: Link

The only element missing after the dresses and wig is the boots! Cosaug offers thses identical Goku overshoes. You can wear them comfortably over your regular shoes.

Goku cosplay boots


  • Made from 100% Polyester.
  • 3 velcro fastenings ensure a perfect fit for all.

Everything Legwear Dragon Ball Super Socks

Product Link: Link

Goku doesn’t really wear socks…or maybe he does under the trousers which we can’t see?! With these iconic socks, you can brag that you are dressing all full Goku costume, even the socks too!!

Dragon Ball socks


  • Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex.
  • Unisex socks, 1 Size fits most.

Fun Costumes Female Goku Costume

Product Link: Link

There’s no reason women can’t be in Goku Cosplay! Fun Costumes understands that, and offer the perfect female dress. It has got the orange pullover vest, blue shirt, symbolic belt, pair of wristbands, and even pair of boot tops.

female goku costume


  • Made from 100% Polyester.
  • Available in 4 sizes.

Beal Shopping Goku Cosplay Baby Costume

Product Link: Link

You can not enjoy all the fun without keeping your baby in the loop. With this lovely one-piece, Goku suit your baby can be the mighty Goku, too.

Goku baby costume


  • Made of 100% cotton fabric.
  • Natural wear with the snap button.

Dressy Daisy Boy’s Goku Costume Set

Product Link: Link

The kids and teenagers in the present day are also as much hyped as us about Goku. This particular set comes with iconic tops, pants, waistband, and wrist bands.


  • Made from Polyester fabric.
  • Available in 7 sizes.

Thundervolt Goku Zip Hoodies Costume

Product Link: Link

These hoodies are made in all the way to Japan! They have got an excellent reputation, and what better way to declare your love for Goku then wearing iconic merchandise on a daily basis?! The orange-black one almost looks like the original Goku dress.

Goku zip hoodie


  • Made from 70% cotton fabric.
  • Available in 4 sizes.

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