Gwen Stefani wig

Gwen Stefani, pop princess, is famous for three things….

  • 1) Getting engaged to Blake Shelton, former Sexiest Man Alive.

These are organised in increasing order of importance! Gwen’s musical life started in 1986 when she joined her brother’s Ska band, No Doubt. During a hiatus in the mid-noughties Gwen recorded two solo albums, and has continued to make music with both No Doubt and alone for the past decade and a half. She’s also worked as a judge on The Voice and launched her own clothing line, L.A.M.B, named after her album.

Gwen Stefani’s fame peaked in the ’90s and noughties, and much of her personal style has become synonymous with the fashions of the decades. This includes brutally thin eyebrows, certain shades of red lipstick, some (let’s be honest) truly awful aviators and some culturally appropriated things that are no longer considered acceptable. Nevertheless, Gwen is considered iconic and many people would love to dress as her for parties, festivals or Halloween.

Let’s look through some of Gwen’s style eras and what you’ll need for a Gwen Stefani costume. She’s described her look as ‘a little bit tomboy, a little bit glamour’ and if you look at her style over the years it fits nicely into ‘eras’ and can be aligned with certain albums. Gwen has named a few things that she really likes, including stripes (which she ended up wearing on the cover of Vogue) and tank tops, which she wore a lot through the ’90s and noughties.

Blond Gwen Stefani Wig

Gwen Stefani wig

If you’re looking for some classic rockabilly/pinup Gwen, stop here. Coloured hair aside (and we’ll get to it, don’t worry) Gwen has usually worn her hair in a very light shade of blonde. When pulled into little twirls, there are some serious Marylin Monroe vibes, but with the right surrounding outfit and accessories (blue eyeshadow, I’m thinking of you) it’ll be easy to identify the right iconic blonde. The other thing is this look is just really timeless and pretty. A lot of ’90s and noughties fashion hasn’t aged well, either because it’s ugly or problematic, but styled, well cared for blonde hair always looks good.

Pink Gwen Stefani Wig

Pink Gwen Stefani Wig

Let’s be honest: most of us have had a rough breakup and dyed our hair, badly. It’s as essential to the grieving process as watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, eating Ben and Jerry’s and redownloading Tinder. Gwen might be happy with her new fiance now, but in the mid 1990s, coming back from tour, dealing with fame and problems with her then-boyfriend led her to a truly shocking shade of fuchsia. She’s since clarified that she was aiming for a lighter pink tint, but that doesn’t always come out right.

Gwen Stefani pink wig

If you’re looking to recreate this particular era of Gwen, try skinny brows and punky clothes. Gwen’s gone pink at other times, too, and it’s often been softer and prettier, so why not check out a few different looks and see which you like best?

Blue Gwen Stefani Wig

There’s a picture of Gwen on the red carpet, wearing what can honestly only be described as a ’90s disaster rivaling the Lewinsky scandal or Ross cheating on Rachel. Gwen is rocking blue hair, a blue fur bikini top, a skirt on top of jeans and platform flip flops. Why was she wearing this? She hadn’t got a stylist yet, and everyone had sent her free stuff when she got back from a tour. We make no excuses for this outfit, and we do think she should apologise for it.

Blue Gwen Stefani wig

However, it’s also kind of great and would make an excellent costume. Grab your blue wig, riffle through donations at your local charity shop and see what you can find.

Gwen Stefani Costume — Tartan Trousers

Gwen Stefani Tartan Trousers

As one might expect through a career as long as Gwen Stefani’s, it’s difficult to find one piece of clothing that sums up her and her style. However, a few things have become synonymous with Gwen — as we’ve mentioned, some things you could try like crop tops and big stripes, and some things you shouldn’t try, like Bindis and Bantu knots. There’s one more on the ‘good’ list, though: tartan trousers! Are they pajamas? Are they formal? Who knows. Grab them and your chunkiest flip flops and enjoy!

Gwen Stefani has influenced and been influenced by music and fashion from all over the world, for years. Distilling her style down to one ‘look’ for a costume is always going to be tricky, but we believe that it’s worth a try, if only to recreate some truly weird looks. We love them, and we think you will too. If all fails, just whistle The Sweet Escape a few times.

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