Halti Head Collar

A key issue that many dogs have is their habit of pulling on the lead. However, if you’re looking for something to help to train your dog to stop pulling, then a halti may be the perfect solution to minimise their pulling habits. The halti head collar is commonly seen on It’s Me or the Dog.

The halti head collar has been designed to bring you the maximum level of control of your dog while remaining comfortable yet secure for both your dog and you. It allows you to almost steer your dog and keep them from pulling. The halti works by steering your dog’s nose, helping to give you control over your dog’s pulling habits. The halti sits on your dog’s nose, well away from the eyes to keep your dog comfortable as well as having padding on the material that goes around the dog’s nose for extra comfort. The halti head collar also works as a muzzle to close your dog’s jaws when required, if need be. It is an effective, yet gentle way of preventing your dog from pulling, making your walks with your furry friend much more pleasurable. It is much like the reins on a horse, it directs the dog’s head in the direction that you are wanting to walk, while also giving you more control of your dog’s pulling habits.

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Halti head collars can sometimes take your dog a bit of getting used to, they may try to remove the head collar initially. In order to train them away from discomfort, try to show them the halti before putting it on. Let them investigate it so that they know there is nothing to be frightened of. Then through the loop for the dog’s nose hold treats so that they stick their nose through the hole to retrieve them and learn to associate the halti with positive associations. Once doing this, you can then secure the halti in place properly on your dog, make sure that it is not too tight. The noseband should sit halfway down your dog’s nose and away from the eyes. The chin strap should not be too tight and your dog should be able to fully open their mouth. When wearing the halti head collar, make sure to praise them and give them treats so that they always associate it with something positive.

For your Patterdale Terrier, the size 0 should fit nicely and will have you expecting positive results from a product that is used by professionals. As mentioned before, to fasten the halti you must first get your Patterdale used to it. Let them sniff the halti head collar first and then start to feed them through the snout hole, encouraging them to place their nose through the hole. This will encourage them to associate the halti with positive outcomes. Once they are happily doing this, you can fasten the halti around your dog’s neck, making sure that the nose band sits halfway down your dog’s nose and isn’t too tight underneath the nose. When ready to attack the leash, you must attach it to the two loopholes that sit underneath your dog’s chin. Make sure that the halti is not too loose or too tight and once it is perfectly adjusted, the halti can be taken off easily by simply unclipping the neck buckle. As you can see in this product the halti includes a clip at the bottom, this clip is for extra security and clips onto your dog’s collar.

Coming in many different sizes, the halti head collar caters for all dogs and provides all owners with control over their dogs. Even if your dog is a Great Dane, the halti head collar will allow you to control your dog’s pulling habits and will make your walks so much easier and enjoyable.

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