Hamster Aquarium

Amy Trumpeter
7 min readApr 10, 2021
Hamster Aquarium

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We all want the absolute best for our pets and if you own a hamster, that starts with getting them the finest home possible. There are a variety of different enclosures available, but most people decide upon either a wire cage with bars or a glass hamster aquarium style tank.

You’ve probably come across a wire cage before as they’re very common, but lesser known are the aquarium hamster cage, or to use their proper name — a hamster terrarium. These are usually made predominantly from glass, with wood/plastic fixtures and a lid.

Wire Cage vs Hamster Aquarium

There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of enclosure, but ultimately you will want to pick one that best suits your own circumstances and that of your hamster.

Wire Cages

Wire cages are spacious and give your pet lots of room to explore, are well ventilated and are also easier to clean if the cage is basic, but they do have a few drawbacks. Firstly, if the base of the cage isn’t high enough then sawdust and other bedding materials can get easily kicked up and fall through the gaps in the cage and all over your room. Another issue is that as your hamster explores and climbs the bars of their home they can make a lot of noise — this can be a real problem because hamsters are nocturnal and if their cage is in or close to the room you sleep in then it could easily keep you awake! Another important problem with wire cages is security. Hamsters are fantastic climbers and if you don’t secure the cage door, they can be intelligent enough to find a way to get out. If you own a very small breed of hamster (Chinese or Roborovski) you must also ensure that the space between the bars isn’t large enough for your hammie to squeeze through.

Hamster Aquarium or Terrarium

By comparison, hamster terrariums are more secure, with no gaps to squeeze between. They are also significantly quieter, with no bars to clamber over and an enclosed design that shields you from the noise of your hamster playing or digging. Cleaning an…

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