Hamster Mites

Amy Trumpeter
4 min readJun 22, 2021
Hamster Mites

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Hamsters are often considered as good first pets due to their easy maintenance and smaller price tag. However, sometimes hamsters can get mites, this article is to tell you how to best deal with hamster mites.

What are Hamster Mites?

What are hamster mites? Mites are small bugs that you will not be able to see with the naked eye, they are similar to nits, but smaller in size. If your hamster starts to scratch more and begins to lose hair then it is possible that they have mites and should be taken to the vet to deal with them efficiently. They are parasites that feed on the oil and the hair of hamsters.

Different types of Hamster Mites

There are a range of different types of mites, the most common are Notoedres and Demodex mites. The type of mites determines the type of treatment that your hamster will receive, but do not fear, your vet will be the one to determine the type of mites that your hamster has. Because of your hamster’s increased scratching when they have mites, they may also end up with red skin, or even a skin infection due to this scratching. They may also develop dry and flaky skin due to the parasites taking away the oil from your hamster’s fur and skin.

How can Hamsters catch Mites?

Mites can come from a number of places such as being in contact with another mite infested hamster or small animal, they can catch them from their bedding such as hay, if it contains mites.

Are Mites Common in Hamsters?

Mites are not uncommon, in fact it is suggested that all hamsters have mites living in their fur and that it is when an overpopulation of mites occurs that problems start to arise. This overpopulation of mites often arises due to your hamster being stressed, but it can also be caused by an underlying health issue.

Mites or Fleas?

If you can see bug-like creatures on your hamster’s fur, then it is unlikely to be mites and more likely to be fleas



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