Henry Margu Wigs

Henry Margu wigs are some of the best quality and highest standard of wigs on the market. It’s a USA based wig company. Henry Margu has been producing wigs since 1951 and they have an international reputation. It’s now a family run business that excel in finding out the needs of their customers. They offer both fashion wigs and medical wigs for daily use. Many of their wigs are very natural looking and light weight.

High Quality Synthetic Wigs in Many Styles

Henry Margu wigs are made using synthetic hair fibers (rather than human hair) which give the appearance and feel of your own natural hair. Whether you are looking for something long or short, dark or blonde, natural or bright, there will definitely be something for you.

Benefits of Henry Margu wigs are as follows….

  • Made from natural looking synthetic fibres
  • Monofilament (each hair is tied to a soft lace material by hand. A monofilament top mimics the appearance of hair growth from the scalp and helps the wig look more natural)
  • Variety of styles and colours
  • Light weight adding to comfort

Henry Margu Wigs available Online

You can buy Henry Margu wigs on Amazon and also from most US based wig retailers. Here are some of our favorites…

Henry Margu — ‘Kelly’

This ‘Kelly wig‘ is a beautiful stylish 8inch bob wig. The wig is a natural looking monofilament wig with featherlight construction. It is available in 30 natural looking colors (shown here is 626H is DARK BROWN WITH GOLDEN BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS)

Kelly Henry Margu wig

Henry Margu — ‘Bonnie’

If you are thinking of going for a short pixie cut this 3inch ‘Bonnie’ wig might be just the one for you. It’s a high quality European lace front synthetic wig with a trendy look. The Bonnie wig is easy to apply and comfortable to wear. It is available in 27 different shades on Amazon.com. The shade shown here is 12AH is GOLDEN BROWN WITH LIGHT AUBURN HIGHLIGHTS.

Henry Margu Wigs Bonnie

Henry Margu — ‘Fiona’

This cute looking long bob ‘Fiona’ wig from the ‘Naturally Yours’ selection is a great wig for everyday wear. It’s a long straight 13inch wig with a natural glow. The wig has a Monofilament top with lace front hairline and is made using featherlight construction with ultra-thin weftings. The color shown here is 8_27_33H is MEDIUM BROWN WITH GOLD BLONDE, STRAWBERRY & AUBURN HIGHLIGHTS and it is available in 22 colors in total. You will need to style this wig to achieve the effect shown here.

Henry Margu wigs Fiona

Henry Margu — ‘Audrey’

This Henry Margu ‘Audrey wig’ is a great one for someone looking for a style mature blonde cut. This gorgeous wig is from the Highlighted Collection — a 6″ long (2″ nape) synthetic wig with triple highlights. The ‘Audrey’ wig is soft, wispy, feathered layers with a tapered nape. The color shown here on the model is Color 12H is GOLDEN BROWN WITH LIGHT GOLD BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS, and there are 35 shades available for this wig in total.

Henry Margu wigs Audrey

If you like these wigs you might also like to visit the Henry Margu website here. You might also like to read about Forever Young wigs.

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