How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig

If you are the kind of person that keeps a lot of wigs then the maintenance of it may sometimes get difficult. This is because wigs tend to get tangled and if you don’t know the right way then it can be hard to detangle. Todays blog is all about how to detangle a synthetic wig.

Here are our 4 steps on how to detangle a synthetic wig. Once you follow these, your wigs will be all smooth, detangled, and ready to use!

#1. Use The Right Comb/Brush

This is important because using the wrong brush can tangle your synthetic wig even further. So, pick the right comb/brush. Ideally, it should have a wide-tooth so that it can easily detangle your hair.

How To Detangle A Synthetic Wig

We recommend that you use the Jon Renau wide tooth combs as they are known to be the best when it comes to detangling synthetic wigs. They will not damage your hair and detangle all the fine knots as well.

#2. Prevent Detangling With The Right Products

All you need is to brush with the comb to detangle. However, if you want to take your synthetic wig care even further and avoid tangling then you need to maintain the wig with the right hair care products.

This is because the more the fibre of the wig is damaged the more it will tangle. So, it is essential to use the right shampoo. Apart from that, never use normal hairspray.

detangling a wig

Instead, use a detangling spray such as the one by Jon Renau. You can first spray this on the synthetic wig and then detangle it with the comb.

#3. Always Wash The Wig Correctly

You have used the right products and the comb but after a few months, your synthetic wig may start getting knotty and frizzy. This is why every time you wash your wig make sure that you do it correctly.

Here are three tips to wash wigs correctly so that it doesn’t tangle:

  • Use the right wig shampoo and conditioner that are specifically for synthetic wigs
  • Wash your wig at least once a week
  • Always use cold water
wig shampoo

#4. Try Steaming Your Wig

If you still can’t seem to detangle your wig then steam it first and then use the comb. Do remember, that heat damages synthetic wigs and so it should be used minimally.

Only do this step if your knots are way too tangled. All you have to do is steam the wig so all the kinks and knots in the fibre can be straightened out.

This way all the tangles will come undone and then you can wash and detangle your wig right after to ensure that the heat damage does not stay on your wig. Use this method sparingly.

Final Words

These are the steps that are needed to detangle a synthetic wig in no time. Always remember that the right products can make a huge difference because wigs are all about proper maintenance.

So, make sure you have everything you need to detangle your wig in no time!

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