How to Stop Dogs from Fighting?

How to Stop Dogs from Fighting?

Many dogs can get along with one another especially if you have brought them up together but sometimes your dog may encounter a dog they do not like. This could be outside or within your household.

Dogs are social animals and normally 2 female dogs, 2 males, both or even dogs with an age gap can get along.

Dogs fighting can cause so many issues within your household. There are techniques to try if your dog’s fight. Firstly, you must consider if they are fighting all the time or just play fighting. How do you know when they are properly fighting?

Here are few things to look out for when dogs are potentially fighting:

  • Growling a lot and loudly showing teeth
  • Is one dog more dominant than the other and check for the submissive dog’s body language. Is their tail in between their legs?
  • Is the other dominant dog trying to put their leg or flip the submissive dog over?
  • Is the dominant one biting and breaking the skin?

If you think your dogs are fighting or your dog is fighting with someone else’s dog, you have to try and distract them from fighting.

This could be done by making a noise a loud bang which could scare them and stop them in their tracks.

You could also try and grab them from their neck lead and drag them away from each other. Always try and keep your hands away from the dog’s mouth since they could accidentally bite you.

Here are some other techniques you can try if the above fails to work:

Throwing a blanket over the dog to blind them from what is going on. This can confuse both dogs allowing you enough time to grab them away from each other. By doing this technique your dogs should stop fighting and begin to wiggle out of the blanket.

You could also try using water and spraying the dogs to startle them and give you enough time to intervene.

If these little tricks don’t help them, you may just have to grab them by their legs and pry them apart. You will need two people and you will need to grab both the dog’s legs and drag them away. It is a good idea to spin the dog around as soon as they are separated so that he or she is off balance.

If it is common for your dogs to fight, then try and learn what triggers them to avoid fights breaking out in the future. If you learn their mannerisms, you can avoid fights from happening in the future. Your dog may not like certain breeds of dog or certain situations could trigger your dog to fight.

Never reintroduce the dogs after fighting — they must be separated since this could also cause the same fight to occur again. Learn your dog and learn what triggers them to avoid fights in the future.

Here is a great video to watch to help guide you on how to pry apart a dog!

How to Break up a Dog Fight — YouTube

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