Is Greece worth visiting?

Amy Trumpeter
10 min readJun 10, 2023

I’ve been to Greece twice now and it’s one of my favourite European holiday destinations. Lot’s of people ask me, ‘Is Greece worth visiting?’ and I would say yes it absolutely is, but you need to be aware of the differences between Athens, mainland Greece and the islands before you book, because each of these will give you a very different travel experience. Everyone should visit Greece at least once in their life.

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Is Greece Worth Visiting? Absolutely

Greece is absolutely worth visiting. If you haven’t yet been to this fabulous (and reasonably priced!) country then get it on you bucket list. Greece is jam packed full of ancient history and if you are interested in religious buildings then you will love the Orthodox Churches. There is a lot of difference between the islands and mainland Greece, so make sure that you book the right holiday to suit your needs.

The Pros of visiting Greece

Greece is a friendly and great value destination which is suitable for both solo and family or group travel. It’s accessible from the UK and an easy place to get around. Greece is also excellent value and so your trip won’t break the bank.

Accessible from UK

Greece is very accessible from most UK airports. For the capital, you can fly direct to Athens from Manchester with Easyjet. You can fly from East Midlands to Chania and Corfu with Ryanair. From London Stansted you can go direct to Athens, Thesaloniki, Kefalonia and Kos. Flights can be very cheap if you travel from the UK outside of school holidays. I managed to get a flight from Manchester to Athens for just £67!



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