Istanbul to Cappadocia — What to See and Do

Amy Green
5 min readMay 23, 2019

Turkey is a big and varied country and is great if you want to travel from one part to another. One of my favourite multi-location trips is to travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia. It is the perfect trip from the metropolitan hub that is Turkey’s largest city to the beautiful landscape of central Anatolia. If you want to plan a trip along this route, here are my tips on what to see and do.

Things to see and do in Istanbul

Istanbul has some serious history behind it. First it was Byzantium, the eastern capital of the Roman Empire then it became Constantinople, named for one of the most famous of the Roman emperors. During this time, it became the capital of Turkey and the economic and cultural heart of the country. In the 1920s, the capital was moved to Ankara and the name Istanbul was given to the city.

Istanbul sits between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean and was once part of the Silk Road. It is the hub of rail networks between Europe and the Middle East and the only sea route into the Black Sea from the Mediterranean. All this means it is a thriving, modern city with loads to see and do.

Where to stay

There are no shortage of places to stay in Istanbul, even in the city centre. The Pera Palace is one of the top rated hotels in the city and is less than two miles from the city centre. Known as the ‘Pearl of Istanbul’ it has 115 rooms and its own restaurant and bar.

The Titanic Port Bakirkoy is a little further out of the city and is near the Capacity Shopping Centre. Ideal for shopping and exploring the city, it even has its own spa. It has 189 bedrooms and its own restaurant as well as a pool bar!

Hagia Sophia

You can’t go to Istanbul without seeing Hagia Sophia in my opinion. This former Greek Orthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral later became an imperial mosque under Ottoman rule and is now a museum. The oldest part of the building dates from 537AD and it is most famous for its stunning dome. It is classed as one of the most important Byzantine structures ever built and a tour around it is definitely top my list any time I visit the city.

Topkapi Palace



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