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Julius K9 Harness is one of the most sought Harnesses out there. These are used even in the prominent dog shows. In fact, the Julius K9 company, which is now over 20 years old, found success in World Dog Show just within its 5 years journey. Along with its long, successful journey, Julius K9 has evolved to a great extent, they offer harnesses of numerous sizes to provide the perfect fit.

The core reason why Julius K9 got so much success is, not only the owners like using the Harness but the Dogs like it too. Their harnesses are very comfortable with adjustable straps, breathable fabric, and they do not hold water. The harnesses are also so lightweight that the dogs don’t bother to scratch or pull to get it off.

Now, the owners have been a fan of the Julius K9 harnesses from the very beginning. When it comes to the material, and durability Julius K9 is not stingy, they use top of the line fabric. The body of the Harness is so sturdy that it doesn’t get torn even if the Dog keeps biting on it. For added security, all the harnesses have reflective stripes which makes them visible from far away, even in the dark. Not to forget, the best part, you can also have a custom text on the harness body patch, it can be anything and for no extra charges.

Over the years, Julius K9 has developed varieties of Harnesses, each for different uses. Some of their bestselling ones are:

  • IDC Powerharness


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Product Description: IDC Powerharness is the most selling Harness from Julius-K9. It is designed for daily uses, morning walks or strolling in the night. The Harness uses heavy-duty buckles, made using Swiss materials to survive even the most extreme of weather.

Design and Quality: In the Powerharness, Julius-K9 uses IDC-Chest Pad that allows the pressure to evenly distribute in the pet’s body, relieving it from any strains. The Harness is designed to provide you with the maximum leash control so that the Dog can’t run away be it in a free street or street packed with people.

2. K9 POWERHARNESS- The Original (B0036IA4BI)

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Product Description: This is the Harness where it all began. The Original Harness developed in 1997 and is still preferred by many. The Harness has proven its worth over the years by providing the optimum, yet comfortable security for the dogs. The K9 Original Harness uses hook and loop patches to help you go through every day. Surface body of the Harness has been made using water repellent technology.

Design and Quality: The IDC Powerharness is an upgrade to the original one, with modifications in design and quality. The significant difference is the Chest Pad in the IDC Powerharness that distributes the pressure on the chest and body instead of the neck.

3. IDC Color and Gray Belt Harness (B01B2DUJ5E)

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Product Description: The Harness was developed initially in 2015, made ideally for the summer. The IDC Color and Gray Belt Harness is the “perfect set for those summer walks” as the company promotes. The Harness has a very minimal body allowing more free skin space. This means that even after the Dog wears the Harness, it can feel the air directly compared to all other ones.

Design and Quality: In the Color and Gray Belt Harness, polyester has been used instead of rubber threads for better comfort. The straps though cover less skin, it offers just as much security since the straps are thickened.

4. Mantrailing and Outdoor Dog Harness (B07DLVMHYN)

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Product Description: Julius K9 Mantrailing has been explicitly made for the times when the Dog is in the lead. It offers the perfect solution during outdoor activities, including trailing human. The Harness uses elastic leash so that the Dog doesn’t get hurt when pulled suddenly. Imagine you are trekking in the hills, and suddenly the Dog starts running through a cliff.

Design and Quality: In other harnesses, if you pull the leash to stop the Dog, it might get seriously injured, but the elastic leash helps in making the least impact. The fully adjustable straps and ideal load distribution are an added heavenly benefit for such cases. The Harness comes in 2 sizes, and one colour option. The body has a UV Orange colour while the edge is neon for better visibility.

5. IDC Stealth PowerHarness (B01EYGQXRE)

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Product Description: An ideal choice for law enforcement dogs. Julius-K9 carefully designed it so that the Dog can move fast without alerting. The buckle here doesn’t make any noises while the Dog is on the run. It has also got unique anti-slip coated handle which allows for extra grip on the Dog. This handle is again covered so that no random people can get hold of it.

Design and Quality: Apart from all these, the IDC Stealth PowerHarness comes with some added benefits. The Harness has got a safety lock for the buckle; you can also attack safety lights to it. If you want to mark the Dog, there is also an extended patch field to attach badges. Julius-K9 offers the Harness in 2 distinct colours and 3 sizes for a perfect fit.

6. Julius K9 Abseiling and Carry Harness (B006G80JWE)

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Product Description: Have you ever come across a situation where you have to carry your Dog? This Carrier Harness by Julius K9 has been made for solving that need. It has been designed for conditions where you have to carry the big doggo on your chest or on the back. You can use the Harness when you take them to trek, mountaineering or abseiling.

Design and Quality: The Harness has got whole body pads for the Dog, designed to distribute the pressure through the entire body. The Harness is also waterproof and so no need to worry about the Dog getting wet and cold. For carrying, the Harness comes with shoulder straps and high duty buckles.

7. Rehabilitation Support Harness (B00JEAFBBA)

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Product Description: As much as we would like our dogs to stay fit, healthy and playful at all times, they do get injured. Injury among dogs is actually widespread. Julius-K9 has a harness to help you through these tough times.

Design and Quality: The Rehabilitation Support harness allows you to carry the Dog, providing it with support in moving. They offer the Harness for both front and back legs. There are four sizes of each, for you to find the perfect fit for your Dog. The Harness has been designed following a dog’s anatomical line and thus provides the desired comfort.

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