Kong Extreme

The Kong Extreme Is a must for any dog owner, but it is especially useful if you have a dog with destructive behaviours or a working breed Such as the Patterdale terrier or Jack Russell. It’s often a worry with these kind of dogs that they will destroy every toy that you put in front of them. This is where the Kong Extreme comes in! It is the most durable and hard wearing dog toy on the market.

What is a Kong Extreme?

The Kong extreme is a sturdy rubber bounce the ball dog toy that is hollow in the middle. This means that you can fill it with tasty treats such as wet dog food and your dog then needs to use his paws and his mouth to get at the goodies inside. It’s great for both physical and intellectual stimulation. Patterdales love Kongs as it satisfies their prey drive. You can buy them on Amazon.

There are different grades of ‘Kong’ and the extreme version is for dedicated chewers! I have never found a dog who can destroy an Extreme Kong and so I’m comfortable leaving Blake at home alone with it.

Kong extreme

Top Kong Tips

Have a Few Kongs on the go at Once!

It is a good idea to have at least two or three Kongs on rotation so that there is always one ready in the freezer! Blake has three and we try to freeze some wet dog food and yoghurt Kongs to take out for him if he is going to be left alone for a few hours. You can buy 2 packs which is excellent value.

Kong extreme 2 pack

How to layer your Kong

A great idea is to layer your dogs Kong so that he gets variety as he makes his way through! For example, we quite often do half main and half desert such as half pate and half yoghurt. Sometimes we do a three course meal inside the Kong like cheese, wet dog food and then peanut butter!

Other Kongs available

If your dog is not an extreme chewer you might go for red classic Kongs. There are also puppy Kongs in pink and blue!

Red Classic Kong

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Originally published at https://patterdaleterriers.co.uk on September 20, 2020.

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